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When does the Gen V series take place in The Boys timeline?

Fans of The Boys are already all over the new spin-off, Gen V. Here, we break down how the new series fits into the superhero canon, and when it takes place.

When does the Gen V series take place in The Boys timeline?: Homelander and Emma

When does the Gen V series take place in The Boys timeline? If you’re a fan of the blood-fest known as The Boys, then you’ll have had Gen V firmly on your list of most anticipated new shows for 2023. The idea of seeing teenage heroes learning the tricks of their trade at a college brimming with conspiracy is awesome, to say the least.

Details and references for The Boys are littered throughout what is already proving to be the best thriller series of the year, and we were thrilled to hear that members of The Boys cast would be making appearances. All this was set, in our minds, to make Gen V the best TV series to tackle superheroes since its predecessor.

But how does Gen V fit into the original show, exactly? Well, read ahead, because we’ve got all the answers to the question: When does the Gen V series take place in The Boys timeline? 

When does the Gen V series take place in The Boys timeline?

Gen V takes place between seasons 3 and 4 of The Boys, specifically directly after where season 3 finished, as confirmed officially by The Boys Twitter page.

The question of when Gen V takes place was answered by the official The Boys Twitter account, which said: “If we’re clearin up the timeline, Gen V takes place between S3 and S4. So the kiddos at God U all saw Homelander laser a guy’s head off to the sound of thunderous applause.”

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Of course, any eagle-eyed fan could have worked this out simply by paying attention to Gen V. In the season 3 finale of The Boys, Homelander kills a civilian because they called him a fascist, and he did it by shooting his laser beam vision straight through their head. Ouch.  This scene is then referenced in Gen V during a news report on the television, which talks about Homelander being on trial for the killing.

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