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Does Gen V have a post-credits scene?

The Boys spin-off has finally arrived, expanding one of the best TV series currently running, and we can tell you if Gen V has a post-credits scene at all.

Does Gen V have a post-credits scene?

Does Gen V have a post-credits scene? A new generation of supes has arrived to take the popular, satirical universe to heretofore unknown depths of depravity and dick jokes.

As The Boys spin-off kicks off, introducing another contender for the best thriller series ever, you might be wondering if there’s anything beyond the main narrative. After all, the best superhero movies and shows have something in the credits more often than not.

So, does Gen V have a post-credits scene? You won’t need an insider at Vought or any of The Boys cast for this one, because we can tell you.

Does Gen V have a post-credits scene?

The first episode of Gen V has a post-credits scene. You might be pleased to hear that someone from the original series potentially makes an appearance here following the tragic conclusion to the episode. It also includes a sneak peak at things to come for the rest of the season.

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Honestly, you aren’t missing much by skipping the clips, but it’s a fun enough scene. It’s similar to all the other in-universe propaganda, showing what the characters see whenever something tectonic goes down.

Godolkin University is certainly rocked by what kicks off Gen V. You’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes out. Our guide on how many episodes are in Gen V will tell you there isn’t long to wait. Give our The Boys season 4 release date guide a look while you’re at it, to make sure you’re well up on Vought’s exploits.