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Jenna Ortega cried over this bizarre Wednesday moment

Jenna Ortega recently appeared on Hot Ones and managed to remain cool as a cucumber throughout, however she revealed a surprisingly emotional scene on Wednesday


Jenna Ortega has proven that she’s just as tough as Wednesday by eating extra spicy hot wings and barely flinching throughout. Sean Evans of Hot Ones did he usual trick of getting his guests to open up emotionally in between bites of searingly fiery hot wings.

Evans asked Ortega about working with Victor Dorobantu, who plays Thing in Wednesday. Just in case you’re not aware, Thing is just a sentient hand, but Dorobantu would be on set – hiding in holes in the ground, or crunched up under desks, contorting himself, in order play the role. Evans asked Ortega about a memorable time from when she filmed Wednesday scenes with Thing.

“It was actually that operating room scene where, they weren’t on him, but they were shooting my coverage and its the first and only time Wednesday cries. And I went to reach my hand out to him and he pet my hand [mimes one hand stroking another], he was like comforting me. And I actually started crying. I restarted the line because it actually made me sad and we just laughed and that was a real bonding moment for Victor and I.”

Wednesday was one of Netflix’s biggest hits of 2022, along with Stranger Things season 4. Wednesday will of course be back for a second season. She still has more mysteries to solve, like finding out who her stalker is, and more to learn about the history of the Addams Family, and her parent’s pasts. What more can possibly be uncovered?

Ortega also spoke to Evans about working with fantasy horror movie legend Tim Burton on Wednesday, who surprisingly, is a perfectionist. Ortega will next be seen in Scream 6, which sees the action move out of Woodsboro for the first time – and Ghostface takes on Manhattan.