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Taylor Sheridan is casting another new TV series right now

Taylor Sheridan is leaving Yellowstone for now and is currently on the hunt for some new faces for his next exciting TV series, Land Man.

Rip and John Dutton in Yellowstone

If you’re a Taylor Sheridan fan with a passion for acting, well, we have some good news! The glitz and glamour of Hollywood may be in your future. “How,” you ask? Well, Sheridan has a new show on the horizon and is looking for some extras to appear on our small screens.

That is right, Taylor Sheridan, the man behind some of the best TV series around right now, like Yellowstone and Tulsa King, has a new project underway. Currently titled “Land Man,” the upcoming show is set in West Texas and centers around the oil industry. Now, a brand new Taylor Sheridan series is exciting in its own right, but the fact that the agency, Legacy Casting, is currently hunting for real-life oil workers, or roughnecks, to appear in the show is the cherry on top of the dramatic cake.

According to the publication mrt, Legacy Casting is searching specifically for “oilfield workers with experience working on a rig.” Applications will be open until early 2024, so if you are curious about throwing your cowboy hat into the casting ring, contact Legacy Casting at [email protected] or text 323-739-8727.

If you need more context before you take a crack at the big-time Land Man is based on Christian Wallace’s Texas Monthly podcast “Boomtown.” Wallace will serve as co-creator alongside Sheridan in the upcoming series. The basic synopsis for the show is about modern fortune-seeking in the world of oil rigs.

Deadline’s synopsis for the drama series states that Land Man will feature “an upstairs/downstairs story of roughnecks and wildcat billionaires fueling a boom so big, it’s reshaping our climate, our economy, and our geopolitics.”

There are no production dates just yet, but Legacy has shared that filming will likely kick off around February and summer 2024. Sounds pretty exciting to us and pretty on-brand for Sheridan.

So far, the Yellowstone timeline has centered around land rights and cattle, and Tulsa King is all about territory and gangs. So, an oil rig drama fits right in with the current Sheridan brand!

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