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The Super Mario movie could win an Oscar for its best moment

Thanks to Jack Black as Bowser in the new animated movie, a very special piece of cinematic music has made its way into the world. Thank you, Jack.

Bowser is the main movie villain in the Super Mario movie

Jack Black could feasibly perform at the Oscars next year dressed as an evil turtle. That’s the headline. His performance as movie villain Bowser in the Super Mario movie gave us lots of things but, most importantly, we all left the cinema with one word ringing through our heads.

If you didn’t skip away from the new movie singing “Peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches” in full Tenacious D vocal style, then you’re a more restrained cinemagoer than any of us.

Bowser performs the song – it’s called ‘Peaches’, obviously – during a dramatic piano sequence in the animated movie and, courtesy of Variety, we now know the ditty is eligible for Best Original Song at the Oscars.

Black co-wrote the track with Eric Osmond and John Spiker, as well as Super Mario directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic. Together, they created something truly beautiful.

There’s even a music video now and, frankly, it’s exceptional.

YouTube Thumbnail

It might seem ludicrous that the song could get a nomination at the Oscars, but The Lego Movie made it on to the shortlist recently with ‘Everything Is Awesome’, and the very deserving winner in 2012 was ‘Man or Muppet’ from The Muppets. There’s plenty of room for comedy movies in that category.

Whatever happens, we just want to see ‘Peaches’ nominated. Otherwise, the world will be robbed of a truly outstanding Oscars moment courtesy of Jack Black. Forget the ninja ones, that’s real Turtle Power.

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