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Steven Spielberg wants to make Bullitt sequel

Famed and acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg has set his sights on making a sequel to the hit 1968 Steve McQueen movie, Bullitt.

Steven Spielberg wants to make Bullitt sequel

Famed filmmaker Steven Spielberg already has a new project in his cinematic sightline. According to Deadline, the director is now attached to helm a sequel to the hit 1968 neo-noir action movie Bullitt. The upcoming flick will follow a ‘new original story’ centred around Frank Bullitt, the hardened San Francisco detective who was famously played by Steve McQueen back in the ‘60s.

In the original Bullitt movie, Steve McQueen embarked on an adrenaline-inducing cat and mouse game as he tried to corner a mob boss who killed his witness. Deadline’s sources clarify that Spielberg’s sequel wont be a direct continuation of the events of the 60s flick or a remake or the iconic thriller movie. Instead, the upcoming film will follow a new story and put a fresh spin on the famed detective movie.

Alongside Spielberg, Kristie Macosko Krieger (West Side Story) is producing the upcoming Bullitt sequel. Josh Singer (Spotlight) will pen the film’s script. However, despite these big names now attached to Speilberg’s Bullitt movie, Deadline has disclosed that no firm script or deals have been finalised just yet.

Since contracts still need to be settled, the Bullitt sequel will likely be on Spielberg’s back burner as he is currently swamped with other projects. The director is busy with his semi-autobiographical film The Fablemans, and is attached as an executive producer on several big upcoming releases such as Jurassic World: Dominion and Indiana Jones 5.

Spielberg is also getting ready for the Oscars, as his musical West Side Story has bagged him nominations for Best Director and Best Picture. So yeah, the Bullitt sequel may have to wait for the time being.

However, we will be sure to keep you posted on any updates. In the meantime, here are our guides to the best adventure movies and the best family movies of all time.