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How to watch West Side Story - where can you stream the new Steven Spielberg movie?

Steven Spielberg is adapting West Side Story for the big screen but how do you watch the new musical movie?

How to watch West Side Story: where can you stream the new Steven Spielberg movie?

How can you watch West Side Story? The finger-snapping musical about forbidden love on the rough streets of New York City has been entertaining fans since the 1950s. Originally a stage play and then a 1961 film directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, the catchy tale of star-crossed lovers never gets old. Now we have a new iteration of West Side Story on its way from none other than acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

That’s right, Spielberg is taking a crack at adapting the classic romance movie, and after a year of delays courtesy of the global pandemic, you can finally see it for yourself. The story follows teens Tony (Ansel Elgort) and Maria (Rachel Zegler), who, despite being associated with rival street gangs (the Jets and Sharks), end up falling in love. Fans can expect to sing along to Spielberg’s film soon. However, depending on where you live and if you can make it to the cinema or not, that may mean weeks or even months. West Side Story is set to run in cinemas, and so far, streaming options are currently in limbo, leaving many to wonder what their options are when it comes to watching Spielberg’s newest movie.

Well, fear not, The Digital Fix have got your back. Here we go through when you can start booking your tickets to see the new musical and when you can expect to see Spielberg’s take on the classic story. Finally, we answer the question: is there a chance that West Side Story is available to watch on a streaming service or online?

How can I watch West Side Story?

It’s time to strap on your dancing shoes because West Side Story is out in cinemas on December 10 in the US and UK. You can finally enjoy the highly anticipated musical movie at your local cinema from then through the holiday period.

Pre-production for West Side Story began in 2018, and the movie officially finished filming in 2019. So after a lengthy post-production period and being delayed by a year, thanks to Covid-19 complications, Spielberg’s musical masterpiece is ready to waltz its way onto the big screen.

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West Side Story is speculated to run for the standard 45-day theatrical exclusive window, so if you want to see Spielberg’s latest film as soon as possible, it’s time to pre-book some tickets at your local cineplex and get in the mood for popcorn now.

Can I stream West Side Story?

You won’t be able to stream West Side Story for quite some time (sorry). However, when it eventually comes to streaming, it will likely be available on either Disney Plus or HBO Max. This is because 20th Century Studios (the studio behind the new Spielberg movie) is a subsidiary of Disney.

Since Disney has recently struck an agreement with WarnerMedia, which entails that the two split all of Fox’s 2022 film releases evenly, West Side Story’s streaming home is currently undecided. In short, West Side Story could end up on Disney Plus, Hulu or HBO Max once it goes to streaming. We will let you know which streaming service to renew your subscription for as soon as we know more.

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The good news is that we’ll probably update you sooner rather than later on where you can watch West Side Story online. Judging from Disney’s recent policy to release films on Disney Plus quicker after their run in cinemas, West Side Story may be available to stream in late January or early February. Encanto, the latest animated Disney movie, is set to hit Disney Plus a month after its theatrical exclusivity window, so there is no reason why this musical won’t be added to the streamer a month after its release too.

However, these dates only apply in the case that Disney Plus wins West Side Story and not WarnerMedia. If the film heads to HBO Max, we may be waiting a few more weeks or even a month or two. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

How to watch West Side Story: Tony and Maria

Where can I stream the original West Side Story movie?

Spielberg’s West Side Story may not be available to watch online just yet, but the 1961 original film that inspired him to make this remake is. It may not be available on any streamers for free, but you can rent the flick on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu and the Microsoft store. If you are in the US, West Side Story costs $3.99 to rent on Amazon, while UK viewers will have to pay £3.49 to rent the ’60s musical.

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