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Star Wars - who are the members of The Bad Batch?

Here's all you need to know about the members of The Bad Batch in Star Wars, as we learn all about the main players in the animated Star Wars series.

The Bad Batch: Hunter

Who are the members of the Bad Batch? Great news, Star Wars fans, The Bad Batch is back on screens and just made its season 2 premiere on Disney Plus, opening with a two-parter.

The action-focussed sci-fi series is a continuation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which followed the adventures of Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka as they each lead clone trooper soldiers in the clone wars and the fight against the Sith Count Dooku and the separatist movement. The animated Star Wars series explores the story of a group of specialist clone troopers with unexpected genetic mutations in the aftermath of Order 66 and the rise of the Galactic Empire and Emperor Palpatine.

But who are the members of the Bad Batch at the centre of the TV series, and what’s so special about each of them? With The Bad Batch season 2 now arriving weekly, we’re here to help with the answers.

Who are the members of the Bad Batch?

There are five members of the Bad Batch: Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo.

Each of these Star Wars characters has their own unique personality and skills, making them a formidable group of opponents to come up against when their talents come together. They are each voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who does the voice work for the clone troopers throughout the Clone Wars series and beyond.

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But what makes each member of the clone trooper squad special? Hunter is the leader of the Bad Batch and is the result of the Kaminoan’s attempts to make a clone trooper commando. He’s a strong and capable soldier with enhanced senses, allowing him to track and follow his targets.

Wrecker is the physically strongest of the group, and is the heavy weapons specialist, able to carry huge weaponry with him over any terrain. He also has a nasty temper, and you don’t want to get on his bad side.

Tech is the smartest clone trooper around, with an in-depth understanding of technology and an analytical nature that often comes in handy when problem-solving. Meanwhile, Crosshair is more combat orientated and is the Bad Batch’s sniper with enhanced eyesight and master-level marksmanship training.

Finally, Echo is the last member of the group, and he joined after the end of the clone wars. He was formerly an ARC trooper, serving with the Domino Squad. He is known for his bravery and his cybernetic enhancements, which he was given when he was taken captive by the techno union.

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