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The Mandalorian - what did Baby Yoda see in hyperspace?

The Mandalorian season 3 kicked off this week and Mando's got a new mission but Baby Yoda (we mean Grogu) saw something strange in hyperspace.

Grogu in The mandalorian spotted something in hyperspace

What did Baby Yoda see in hyperspace? Star Wars fans rejoice because The Mandalorian has returned for its third season. After helping Boba Fett become Tattooine’s new Daiymo, Mando and his adopted son Grogu (definitely not calling him Baby Yoda) are on a new mission to return to Mandalore, where Djin can wash away the sin of taking off his helmet.

It’s a potentially dangerous mission. Mandalore was destroyed during the Clone Wars, and Din Djarin has been warned that the surface is an irradiated hellscape. Still, Mando isn’t the type of Star Wars character to give up quickly, and in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 1, we see he’s already started recruiting old friends for his mission.

However, in one of the episode’s more intriguing moments, Grogu spotted something flying through space as they travelled to Navarro. But what did Baby Yoda see in hyperspace? Warning mild spoilers for the Star Wars series Rebels and The Mandalorian season 3 ahead.

What did Baby Yoda see in hyperspace?

While flying through hyperspace, Grogu spotted the outline of a whale-like creature with tentacles. While the episode doesn’t confirm it, Grogu likely saw a purrgil. 

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What are Purrgil’s in Star Wars?

Purrgil’s are spacefaring animals about the size of a small starship, although larger members of the species do exist, who can naturally enter hyperspace thanks to the Clouzon-36 gas they breathe.

Purrgils usually are considered pests because of their habit of disrupting ship lanes. Still, in the TV series Rebels, Ezra Bridger was able to forge a connection with the creatures, and they helped the Jedi padawan attack Grand Admiral Thrawn’s fleet.

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