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This famous Star Wars scene almost never had the most important detail

Many of the Star Wars movies have been tinkered with over the years, but it's impossible to imagine Star Wars without this early scene.

Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars movie A New Hope

There have been so many memorable Star Wars scenes over the years that it’s difficult to imagine the science fiction movie franchise without all of its colourful Star Wars characters and Star Wars costumes. Despite all of George Lucas’s tinkering over the years, we love Star Wars just the way it is, thank you very much.

However, one of the most famous moments from the first of the Star Wars movies almost played out very differently. In fact, it was only last minute reshoots in California that turned it into the colourful cacophony we know today.

The cantina sequence is a key part of setting the early tone of the first Star Wars adventure movie, introducing Luke Skywalker to the seedy underbelly of Mos Eisley. Of course, the famous cantina band and their distinctive musical stylings are of the utmost importance.

But, according to Anthony Daniels – the actor behind one of the best Star Wars droids – in his book I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story, that memorable music was a late addition to A New Hope.

Daniels wrote: “The [cantina] scene would be partly reshot in California, months later. This time with music. George realised that an alien band number would add a considerable dose of whacky-ness, not just new rubber creatures with crazy instruments, but John Williams’ beloved music was a glorious extra – once an additional budget had been found. It became an iconic moment in an iconic film – a moment that almost never was.”

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We’re very glad that the cantina scene was enhanced with the addition of that band. It gave us a very hummable tune, and some of the best Star Wars aliens to look at to boot.

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