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43 years later, Star Wars gives this odd character a reason to exist

Star Wars has finally addressed a bizarre character from The Empire Strikes Back, teaching us something important about Lando Calrissian.

Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars

It’s only taken four decades, but Star Wars has finally shed some light on one of the odder side characters from the franchise. A new comic gives us a bit of backstory for Lobot, Lando’s robot pal in The Empire Strikes Back, played by John Hollis, and it turns out they share a deep connection.

In Star Wars #40, the two Star Wars characters share a heartfelt scene where Lobot questions their relationship. He thinks he’s “another sucker” after Lando discusses how scoundrels tend to treat people. However, Lando makes clear the Star Wars droid is actually fundamental to what keeps him anchored.

“Everyone in this line of work agrees on one thing,” Lando says. “You gotta tell the truth to someone. Someone needs to keep you honest.” Turns out, Lobot was that for Lando Calrissian, giving considerable depth to what otherwise seemed like a throwaway character from one of the best Star Wars movies.

Lobot expresses concern for Lando’s way of life, but Lando says he’s more than happy with how things currently are, adding that good times are only ever temporary. We know full well that Cloud City comes to an end unceremoniously, though Lando himself leads a full life.

Lando Calrissian in Star Wars #40

He joins in the Sequel Trilogy, helping to fight Palpatine during The Rise of Skywalker. Star Wars cast member Billy Dee Williams reprises the role, giving one last legacy hero his moment in the spotlight. The Rise of Skywalker gives us very little worth celebrating, but Lando’s return is definitely among that list.

This little scene demonstrates the continued value in reading the Star Wars expanded universe. You learn bits and bobs about various heroes and Star Wars villains that struggle to find air on the Disney Plus shows or films. Lobot might not ever get another onscreen appearance — sorry to all the Lobotics out there — and this gives him some good history without needing one.

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At their best, the Star Wars books underscore the lore and mythology with little pieces of information like this. Just recently, we also learned that Endor was totally fine after the Death Star explosion. Did we need to see that in a sci-fi series? Not really, and that’s what makes it perfect for supplementary material.

These side stories give us food for thought while we wait for new Star Wars movies, the Skeleton Crew release date, and the The Acolyte release date. Just think about Lobot the next time someone acts in a duplicitous manner.