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Ahsoka episode 4 recap (2023) - Jedi against Jedi

Our Ahsoka episode 4 looks at the how 'Fallen Jedi' brings some the better moments of the Star Wars series so far, while still falling to similar trapholes.

Ahsoka episode 4 recap

Our Verdict

Good character work and lightsabre duels just about make up an increasingly squandered main villain and some middling production decisions.

It seems clear at this point that we probably won’t meet Thrawn in Ahsoka until the last couple of episodes. However, that’s not a bad thing if the episodes remain as good as ‘Fallen Jedi’. In a strong instalment, Ahsoka tugs on multiple heartstrings amid an ongoing lightsabre duel that pits reformed Jedi against reformed Jedi.

Still aboard their damaged ship, Ahsoka Tano and Sabine make their way towards the location of the star map that Baylan and Hati stole. They discuss their plans, and Ahsoka informs Sabine that Ezra can’t be the main priority any more, because the danger of Thrawn coming back to Star Wars is simply too great.

If they can find the map, they must get rid of it. Dave Filoni has overplayed the mystery of Thrawn a bit too much at this point in the Star Wars series, constantly discussing his threat without giving viewers any evidence. It’s where the reliance on the audience knowing Rebels really falters, because not only does Ahsoka work on the presumption you’ve seen the animated series, there’s also a belief you came away thinking about the antagonist the same way Filoni does.

That might not be true, and by the end of Ahsoka episode 4, that whole aspect of the show starts to fade into the background anyway. Baylan, Shin, and Marrok versus Ahsoka and Sabine provides enough gusto in the immediate present, each encounter capitalizing on the last.

After Ahsoka’s thrilling space parry in episode 3, she takes on Marrok once again. Did we find out who Marrok really is? Yes – nobody of note, because Ahsoka’s lightsabre goes through him and he’s just killed. Don’t ever let your speculation run too wild, you’ll only disappoint yourself.

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This fight is good, but it would’ve been a lot better if we could see more. The lighting reduces everything to just the lightsabres, and while that could’ve been an enthralling choice, the fog of black, blue and grey just seems like someone forgot to bring the appropriate number of lights. These projects aren’t cheap, but so regularly corners appear cut for no discernible reason, stopping them from truly feeling like they’re among the best sci-fi series.

Meanwhile, Sabine takes on Shin and wins. Underestimated in the presence of those adept in the force, Sabine’s arc seems prime to be the biggest in Ahsoka, and we’d bet good money she has her own project on the way for Disney Plus. She staves off Shin just quickly enough to interrupt Baylan and Ahsoka facing of.

They’re throwing insults at each other concerning Anakin. Baylan knows Ahsoka, but she doesn’t know him, and there’s a tickle of what the would-be Sith really desires here. Recognition, in a hierarchy that rewards him.

Thrawn probably isn’t the type you should trust, but former Jedi just aren’t great at listening. He takes advantage o a moment of weakness and throws Ahsoka off a cliff, then turning to Sabine and bargaining with her for the map.

Knowing she should destroy it, instead she hands it to Baylan because she really wants Ezra back more. He takes the data, breaks the map, and brings Sabine aboard their ship to head into the hyperspace ring and Thrawn.

Ahsoka episode 4 recap

As ‘Fallen Jedi’ ends, Huyang tries to contact Ahsoka, falling on deaf ears. We see she’s wound up in the the World Between Worlds, a strange realm that exists outside of time and space. Standing there confused, we hear a familiar voice: Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker, who greets Ahsoka.

Cut to credits, and even the most cynical would have to admit that’s a strong moment to end on. Ahsoka hasn’t been a revelation so far. Thrawn is bordering on meaningless, and the overall presentation could be more distinctive. But there’s enough emotion still here for a great climax, especially if we get the tag team duel everything’s gearing towards.

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