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Ahsoka denied us a brilliant Star Wars story with Thrawn and Ezra

Seeing Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn in live-action was pretty cool, but Ahsoka could have given us an even better Star Wars story involving the pair.

Eman Esfandi as Ezra Bridger and Lars Mikkelsen as Grand Admiral Thrawn in Ahsoka

If the Ahsoka series was good for one thing, it was bringing the likes of Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn into the live-action world of Star Wars for the first time. However, while their involvement may have been cool, there are other stories that could have been picked up which would have been even better.

There are countless tales in the vast lore of Star Wars that we would love to see explored further. Watching the Star Wars movies in order just isn’t enough these days, and while there are a slew of great Star Wars series to feed our obsession, we always want more.

Two of the best Star Wars characters were finally realized in live-action thanks to Ahsoka, with both Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn making the jump from their animated (and literary) forms for the show. But, we can’t help feeling there was a missed opportunity here.

Ezra and Thrawn were played by Eman Esfandi and Lars Mikkelsen in the Star Wars cast, respectively, and both did a fantastic job at portraying the two characters. The only problem is, with both found to be stranded on Peridea, we saw very little of the pair actually interacting on the planet.

Both Ezra and Thrawn had been exiled on the planet for roughly a decade by the time the Ahsoka series took place, so it makes sense that the Jedi and one of the best Star Wars villains around would want their own space. But it would have been fascinating to see that dynamic unfold, wouldn’t it?

Why would you include two of the most intriguing characters in all of the galaxy in your show, and not even show any kind of clash between them, Dave Filoni? It’s something that legendary Star Wars writer and Thrawn creator, Timothy Zahn, discussed during a panel back in 2021, and he had the right idea.

“It seems to be that what we need to do is set up some kind of reluctant buddy thing between Thrawn and Ezra. The way I see it is that Thrawn persuades Ezra that there are worse things out there even than the Empire… so Thrawn persuades Ezra, reluctantly, I think that would the basis of the story,” Zahn posited. “Ezra would never be quite trusting Thrawn, looking for ‘What angle is he playing, what he is trying to get me to do that I shouldn’t be doing?’ At the same time, Thrawn is thinking, ‘I need your assistance; how do I get this from you without making you bolt?’”

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Well, now I’m sad that we will never get to see this angle of the story. Although, there are the new Star Wars movies to look forward to, and Thrawn is likely to play a part in one of those new movies, so we could have a chance of a flashback, at least. Until then, check out what we know about The Acolyte release date, or escape this franchise entirely and think about Deadpool 3 instead.