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Ahsoka is officially the best Star Wars series of 2023

Is Dave Filoni's Star Wars series Ahsoka the best of 2023? The right answer is definitely yes. At least, according to one major metric.

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka in Ahsoka

2023 has been a busy year for Star Wars. We’ve had confirmation of an exciting, upcoming slate of movies, and plenty of TV series to keep us happy too.

These have ranged from brilliant, to fine, to not-so-good. Star Wars Visions season 2 expanded the galaxy with stunning scope and ambition, while the less said about The Mandalorian’s third season, the better. But, the crème de la crème of the Star Wars series of 2023 has been officially crowned IMDb, and it’s Dave Filoni’s epic adventure Ahsoka.

The show has come in at the #2 slot in IMDb’s ‘top shows of 2023‘ list, which is ranked “based on IMDb page views” according to the site’s social media. It comes in just behind The Last of Us, which has the top position, and ahead of live-action One Piece, Ted Lasso, and The Fall of the House of Usher. That’s some serious competition.

The only other Star Wars entry on the list is The Mandalorian, but with the series now getting to the point where it may be overstaying its welcome, most Star Wars fans will agree that Ahsoka was the superior series this year.

Ahsoka might have had its flaws as we occasionally lamented in our weekly recaps. Still, in the end, it was an action-packed space-faring adventure that progressed the story of a handful of our favorite Star Wars characters, while also introducing some new faces too and setting the stage for a new era of the franchise. It had some soaring highlights, and Ray Stevenson’s performance as the dark Jedi Baylan Skoll was always a menacing joy.

So, it’s certainly not a stretch to call it one of the best TV series of 2o23, and it’s been some of the most fun we’ve had with Star Wars in the modern era. Alongside the Andor season 2 release date, we can’t wait to see more of Ahsoka Tano, whether that’s in Ahsoka season 2 or a new Star Wars movie.

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Which of these is more likely is unclear right now, but we do know that Ahsoka’s story is going to continue in some form. One of the new Star Wars movies is being made by Filoni, who will use it to tie together his characters and storylines that began with the Clone Wars animated series. This will almost certainly feature Ahsoka and Din Djarin teaming up again, and if we get more Ahsoka before that with a second season of her series, that’ll be a big bonus.

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