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William Shatner just received the perfect award for Star Trek

He's a Star Trek captain. He's a real-life astronaut. William Shatner is a certified space badass. No wonder he's winning awards for it.

William Shatner just won an award, and it's perfect for Star Trek

There aren’t many people who can stake a claim to being both a fictional astronaut and a real one. But step forward, William Shatner, who has been given a very deserved award to recognize his achievements when it comes to boldly going where few have gone before.

The Star Trek legend is now a member of the International Air & Space Hall of Fame following a ceremony in San Diego. Given that Shatner plays one of our favorite Star Trek captains and has actually been to space for real, it’s the perfect honor for the great man.

Let’s face it: if anyone deserves an award like this, it’s Shatner. Generations of kids – and we include ourselves in this – have become fascinated by space thanks to watching the Star Trek movies and Star Trek series. There will be real astronauts today who were inspired by Star Trek, as well as countless nerds inspired to write thousands of words about it. Hey, that’s us!

Jim Kidrick, president and CEO of the San Diego Air & Space Museum, told the Times of San Diego that the winners of this award “directly represent the human pioneering spirit and pursuit of mankind’s final frontiers.” He sounds a lot like a Star Trek character himself. We’ll send him an application form for Starfleet imminently.

We do have to question one thing, though. The International Air & Space Hall of Fame has been operating since 1963, so it has taken 60 years for them to induct Shatner. This is ludicrous. Who could possibly be more important than the star of one of the best TV series ever made? Actual astronauts and scientists? Nonsense!

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Shatner isn’t the only name from the world of entertainment to be part of this particular hall of fame. Harrison Ford, who’s not just one of our favorite members of the Star Wars cast but also an accomplished pilot and aviation advocate, was inducted in 2010.

Unfortunately, it seems as if you need to have achieved something in real-world aviation or space travel to get a spot in the Hall of Fame. So, we have to rule out putting Baby Yoda in for a bit of fun. Spoilsports.

We’ve raised a glass for Shatner, and now we’re heading back into the Star Trek timeline for more fictional thrills. And if you can’t wait for something new to watch, look ahead to the Star Trek Legacy release date and the Star Trek 4 release date.

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