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Star Trek Picard sequel “undeniable” says Strange New Worlds boss

We've been waiting for Star Trek Legacy news for a while but the Strange New World's boss believes that the appetite for a Picard season 3 sequel is undeniable.

Star Trek Picard cast

It’s undeniably a great time to be a Star Trek fan. Star Trek: Picard just gave The Next Generation cast the send-off they were owed, the Strange New Worlds season 2 release date is upon us, and there are even more spin-off series and movies on the way.

Yes, when it comes to the best sci-fi series of all time, we truly do live in the utopian times that Gene Roddenberry envisioned (We know everything else is on fire but at least TV’s good). Still like a greedy Ferengi, I find myself wanting more. Specifically, I want a Star Trek series set after the events of Picard season 3.

There’s been a lot of talk about this hypothetical show. It’s been dubbed Star Trek: Legacy, and there’s been a lot of chatter from both official and unofficial sources about its chances of getting the green light from Paramount. One person who seems pretty unequivocal that it should happen, though, is the Strange New World’s boss Akiva Goldsman.

“Well, I think what Terry [Matalas] did with Season 3 is so extraordinary, and I think that the appetite for it is, I think, undeniable”, Goldsman told Cinemablend. “So certainly, I am a huge advocate of some version of [Star Trek Picard season 3] continuing. It was so spectacular, I think, what he did.”

Goldsman went on to explain that while nothing official  has been pitched (Thanks to the 2023 Writers Strike), but added that he would have happily “signed the petition [for Star Trek: Legacy] too.”

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If Legacy does get the green light, it could be an excellent opportunity for Trek to move past some of the problems it’s run up against in recent years. All the current shows (Some of which we love and others that we don’t) have all fallen into the trap of being overly nostalgic for what came before or too wildly divergent from the established canon.

Legacy could potentially straddle both worlds, bringing us new adventures with a few old faces thrown in for good measure, a little like Picard season 3. If you want to know about a show that is actually happening, check out our Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 2 review.

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