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Star Trek: Picard Easter egg lets you call the Q Continuum

Fans of Star Trek spin-off series Picard have spotted a special Easter egg in the latest episode of the sci-fi series on Paramount Plus

Picard Easter egg lets fans call the Q Continuum

If you’re a fan of Star Trek, and in particular the spin-off series Picard, you’re in for a treat with the latest episode. The sci-fi series, which airs on streaming service Paramount Plus, has a secret Easter egg buried in the most recent episode in the form of a telephone number. If you call the number, you apparently connect to the Q Continuum.

The show, which stars legendary actor Patrick Stewart in the titular role, is a continuation of the Star Trek story he left behind in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Picard is now in its second season on Paramount Plus, and iconic Star Trek villain Q has recently resurfaced. While this may spell trouble for Picard and his crew, it has brought about one cool surprise.

Eagle-eyed fans of the show have spotted a nifty little Easter egg in the latest episode of Picard, where a number appears on a card. Someone decided to call the number, and they were met with a fun voicemail message from the Q Continuum.

Twitter user @leenisabel shared a tweet with a screenshot of the card from the show, which features the fabled telephone number: 323-634-5667.

Isabel prompts fans of the show to “definitely call the number,” with further tweets below revealing a recording of the voicemail message you come across if you call the number.

The Q Continuum is a dimension populated entirely by Q, the amorphic, extra-dimensional race from Star Trek that manifested almost exclusively as John DeLancie. He was frequent menaced to Jean-Luc, making his return a highly-anticipated one.

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