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These Star Trek fans just lived out your fantasy, and we’re so jealous

Star Trek Picard season 3 might be over, but the TNG cast are still hanging around. Now, three fans of the sci fi franchise just lived out their fantasies.

These Star Trek fans just met their idols in a surprise twist interview. We’re not jealous. You are.

Following on from the end of Star Trek Picard season 3, three Star Trek diehards were invited by to give an interview on their favourite Star Trek characters from the Star Trek The Next Generation cast. One chose Geordi La Forge, one chose Riker, and one chose Doctor Crusher.

Each of the three fans spoke movingly about their connection to one of the best TV series ever made, before the cast members behind those characters (LeVar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, and Gates McFadden) then appeared from behind a curtain. Yes, we’re heartbroken that we weren’t picked.

You can check out the heart-warming video on StarTrek.com, but be warned: watching people live out your fantasy can sting a little!

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The fans and actors shared moving, reflective conversations about the characters, which are fascinating to listen to in their own right, especially after the end of Star Trek Picard season 3.

The new season of the Star Trek series reunited the TNG cast for one final time, building on character arcs and tying things up in a neat bow. Fans of the series are hoping that a successor series will be greenlit and that a Star Trek Legacy release date won’t be too far away.

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