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This Scream 6 star wants to see a Ghostface musical next

There's a million things Ghostface hasn't done, but one Scream star wants to see a musical featuring our favourite horror movie villain.

Ghostface in Scream

There’s no amount of money we wouldn’t pay to see Ghostface artfully rapping his own history à la Hamilton, or dancing the cell block tango in black lacey hold-ups in homage to Chicago. Hey, he’s just been to New York — why not have him strutting the streets and clicking his fingers alongside The Jets?

But is there actually ever a genuine possibility of seeing Ghostface strap on a tail and wail Memory? Probably not. But one star of the Scream franchise would certainly like to see the best slasher movie antagonist of all time give it a shot.

And given how horror movies have dipped their toes in many other genres throughout the ages, be it in the form of half-horror, half-comedy movies and science-fiction movies, perhaps a musical isn’t a completely impossible dream.

Josh Segarra, who joined the Scream cast as Danny in Scream 6, the newest instalment in the franchise, has named a musical as the next challenge he’d like to see the famous horror movie villain take on.

“If they could find the way in for a Scream musical, make the audience laugh and also be a little scared? Let’s go!” he says in an interview with Inverse. “Who knows? Maybe Ghostface has some operatic talents that we don’t know about.”

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After all, why not? Why shouldn’t we have it? If Sweeney Todd, Carrie, and Beetlejuice can all get musicals, then why shouldn’t the Scream creatives take a big swing with Scream 7 and have good ol’ Ghostface try a bit of belting? Let him be a star!

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