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One Scream 6 star managed to guess the new Ghostface

Scream 6 is here and the question on everyone's mind is the identity of Ghostface, but it turns out one of the new horror movie's cast guessed it already.

Ghostface in Scream 6

The Scream 6 release date is finally here, which means audience members will be desperately trying to figure out the identity of Ghostface in the new movie. Turns out one member of the Scream cast guessed the answer while reading the script, which is pretty impressive.

As far as horror movie franchises go, the Scream series is one that has always revelled in the idea of mystery. While other slasher movies have their killer consistent (and somewhat immortal), the Scream movie saga switches it up with each new entry.

ComicBook.com spoke to various members of the cast recently to quiz them on their theories regarding the movie villain for their new flick, and Jenna Ortega claims she cracked it.

When asked if she had managed to figure out who Ghostface was, Ortega simply replied: “Yes.” This confident response surprised her co-star Melissa Barrera, who couldn’t quite believe Ortega had really guessed it.

Perhaps Ortega’s role as Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series helped hone her detective skills. After all, she did work out who the Nevermore Academy monster was.

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Barrera herself was clueless when it came to Ghostface, and insisted she was just keen to finish reading the script rather than hypothesising over the killer’s identity. “I didn’t even try to guess,” Barrera said. “I was just stressed out that I didn’t have the last act of the script, and my mind was just like ‘I just wanna read it!’ I wasn’t even guessing.”

Dermot Mulroney was similarly pessimistic about his odds of cracking the mystery, adding: “The script was really tricky – as is the film… But you know, we’re all looking for that: when you’re watching a Scream movie, you’re looking for red herrings as much as you’re looking for actually whodunit. So I was definitely tricked. The reveal plays great in the edit, and in the way everyone played their roles.”

To find out the identity of Ghostface yourself, you’ll need to get out there and watch Scream 6. Until then, you could check out our spoiler-free Scream 6 review, or look ahead to the potential for Scream 7. If you’re feeling really brave, dive into the chilling true story that inspired Scream.