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Record of Ragnarok season 3 release date speculation, plot, and more

We've looked into the Record of Ragnarok season 3 release date, plot, and cast to let you know when the Netflix anime series about humans versus gods returns.

Record of Ragnarok season 3 release date - Buddha

What is the Record of Ragnarok season 3 release date? We’re now two seasons deep into the great tournament between god and humans as they battle for mankind’s survival, and Record of Ragnarok continues to be one of the most action-packed shows around.

Record of Ragnarok is one of the best anime on Netflix right now. The hit series is based on the manga from Shinya Umemura, Takumi Fukui, and Ajichika and is packed with style and tension. If you need a quick logline for the anime, it pits the most legendary who’ve ever lived against champions of the Gods’ Council, in a constantly evolving version of Ragnarok. There is suspense, great anime villains, and intense fights that are some of the most impressive across any animated series, period.

There is a lot to look forward to, so we’ve looked into the Record of Ragnarok season 3 release date, to make sure you know what’s coming next in one of the best TV series on Netflix. Skip the prayers; it’s best to just white-knuckle this one.

Record of Ragnarok season 3 release date speculation

Record of Ragnarok season 3 hasn’t been officially confirmed yet by Netflix, but we’re expecting it to release in the second half of 2025. 

This is a realistic and achievable timeframe, as long as the green light for season 3 comes soon. Record of Ragnarok season 1 came out in 2021, while season 2 part 2 hit Netflix on July 2023. With that in mind, a year-long gap between seasons will probably happen again, meaning that 2025 will probably be our best bet.

Still, this is speculation on our part, so keep your eyes on this page as more information heads our way.

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What will Record of Ragnarok season 3 be about?

Record of Ragnarok season 3 looks set to start with Round 7, and will see Qin Shi Huang battle the newly introduced Hades.

Following on from the battle between Buddha and The Seven Gods of Fortune in Round 6 (after Buddha switched sides), the Gods and Humanity are currently at a square draw and 3-3.

Expect this to change and for things to get even tougher for those on the side of the humans than they have been.

Record of Ragnarok season 3 release date

Who will be in the Record of Ragnarok season 3 cast?

We can expect the Record of Ragnarok season 3 cast to largely be the same as we’ve seen previously.

That means Thor, Brunhilde, Zeus, and more anime characters. Obviously, Round 7 will focus on Hades and Qin Shi Huang, so expect to hear the actors Ryōtarō Okiayu and Kaito Ishikawa on our small screens, too. We will keep you posted as the list below continues to grow!

Here’s the expected Record of Ragnarok season 3 cast:

  • Anairis Quiñones as Göll
  • Ryōtarō Okiayu as Hades
  • Kaito Ishikawa as Qin Shi Huang
  • Jalen K. Cassell as Thor
  • Kaiji Tang as Lu Bu
  • Chris Edgerly as Zeus
  • Laura Post as Brunhilde
  • Artemis Snow as Reginleif
  • Ben Diskin as Shiva
  • Bill Butts as Odin
  • Ben Pronsky as Muninn
  • Bumper Robinson as Poseidon
  • Cory Yee as Hermes
  • Kayleigh McKee as Randgrid
  • Jonah Scott as Adam
  • Kellen Goff as Heimdall
  • Ryan Colt Levy as Loki
  • Michael Chapman as Huginn
  • Keone Young as Kojiro Sasaki
  • Mela Lee as Hrist
  • Tim Friedlander as Ares
  • Reba Buhr as Aphrodite

Record of Ragnarok season 3 release date

Where can I watch Record of Ragnarok season 3?

Record of Ragnarok season 3 will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix upon its release.

Currently, you can watch all the previous seasons of the show there, too. Also, there are tons of Netflix anime for you to enjoy while we wait for Record of Ragnarok season 3. Our personal recommendations are Baki Hanma and Vinland Saga. You can check out our guide on the Baki Hanma season 3 release date for more information.

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How many episodes will be in Record of Ragnarok season 3?

Record of Ragnarok season 3 will likely have between 10 and 15 episodes, following on from the first two seasons.

Season 2 was split into two parts, with ten episodes released in part one and five released in part two. We could see something similar with season 3.

Currently, Netflix loves breaking its anime series up in parts, with Baki Hanma and Kengan Ashura being the latest shows to have their seasons split in two. So, we can’t see Netflix simply releasing Record of Ragnarok season 3 in one go.

That’s everything we know about Record of Ragnarok season 3. For more new anime, have a look at our guides to One-Punch Man season 3, Demon Slayer season 4, and our picks for the best My Hero Academia characters. Finally, check out our list of the best shounen anime ever made.