Reacher season 2 reviews call the show “peak dad TV”

Amazon Prime Video's action series premieres its second season soon, and your dad's going to love these new Jack Reacher episodes.

Jack Reacher season 2

Despite huge viewership, Reacher season 1 didn’t make the same kind of splash with critics as it did Prime Video subscribers. That has all changed with season 2’s reviews, though.

Reacher has seemingly stepped up its game, channeling its brawn into a more self-aware action series that pairs a quality spy narrative with over-the-top combat.

If you were already looking forward to Reacher season 2, the murmurs of it being one of the streamer’s best TV series of 2023 certainly can’t hurt! Here’s what critics are saying.

The Daily Beast‘s Nick Schager called it “peak dad TV”, saying “Season 2 of the Prime action throwback is a brawny, gruesome, over-the-top delight.”

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“Reacher is the platonic ideal of dadcore television, and it doesn’t stray from its chosen I-am-the-law template in its second season (Dec. 15). It does, however, improve upon it in every conceivable way. Based on Child’s Bad Luck and Trouble, the series’ latest go-round is a superior bruiser—fiercer, funnier, and with a better storyline, supporting characters, and villains.”

Slash Film‘s Valerie Ettenhofer wrote that “Reacher season 2 highlights — and celebrates — how truly unusual the popular franchise’s particular appeal is. Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) has all the ra-ra spirit and obsession with punishment one would expect from a military propaganda figure, but he also calls out corruption (often in the military and police force), loves dogs, respects women, and lives like a nomad.”

The high praise continued over at Screen Rant, with Ana Dumaraog saying “It’s gory, heartbreaking, and oddly funny at times. The action sequences are superb and diversified, thanks to featuring its highly skilled protagonists. If season 2 can sustain its storytelling until the end, then it has the potential to surpass its predecessor in terms of entertainment value.” Sounds great to us!

Reacher season 2 debuts its first three episodes new on Amazon Prime Video on December 15, and will drop new episodes weekly on Fridays. For more fists in faces, check out the best action movies, the new movies coming soon, or the best Amazon Prime series.