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Is Oshi no Ko streaming? How to watch the new anime

One of the new anime series on the scene in 2023 is Oshi no Ko, and it's turning heads to say the least. Here's how to watch Oshi no Ko on streaming services.

Oshi no Ko

Is Oshi no Ko streaming? It can be tough to keep up with all of the new developments in the anime world, but Oshi no Ko is one of the buzziest series unveiled in 2023 so far.

Oshi no Ko is vying to be considered among the best anime series on screens, and the new anime is certainly getting fans excited. It’s a look inside the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry from a very skewed perspective, following a doctor and patient who are somehow reborn as the twin offspring of a Japanese music sensation. Y’know, the sort of stuff that happens every day.

It’s already receiving praise from anime fans as one of the best TV series in years, so here’s how to watch Oshi no Ko as this unique manga makes the jump to TV screens and streaming services.

Where can I watch Oshi no Ko?

Oshi no Ko is currently available to stream in the US on Hidive.

So the anime-centric streaming service is the best place to head over to if you’re a Western viewer keen to watch Oshi no Ko. Sadly, if you’re in the UK, there’s currently no way to watch the show. We’ll let you know if anything changes.

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Is Oshi no Ko streaming?

Good news, anime fans. Oshi no Ko is available in the US on the streaming platform Hidive. They’re an anime-focused streaming service, so they should give the show plenty of love.

Can I watch Oshi no Ko online?

You certainly can. Oshi no Ko is available in the US. This anime specialist service is the exclusive home of the series in America, as things stand. It does not yet have a streamer set up in the UK.

Is Oshi no Ko on Netflix?

Oshi no Ko is not on Netflix in the US or UK, but it is available to stream in some Asian countries.

Netflix subscribers in places including Japan, India, Thailand, and the Philippines can stream Oshi no Ko, but it’s bad news for those of us in the English-speaking world.

Oshi no Ko

Is Oshi no Ko on Disney Plus?

No, Oshi no Ko is not on Disney Plus in the UK or US, but it is on Disney Plus in Japan. 

We’ll keep this guide updated if the show ever does become available on Disney Plus in Western markets, but it is unlikely to do so.

Is Oshi no Ko on Prime Video?

Oshi no Ko is available on Prime Video, but only in Japan. If you’re in the US or the UK, you’re out of luck when it comes to watching Oshi no Ko on Prime Video.

Is Oshi no Ko on Blu-ray?

Sorry, but Oshi no Ko is not on Blu-ray just yet. We’ll let you know when you can pick up a physical copy of the series.

Oshi no Ko

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