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This incredible One Piece monument needs to be seen to be believed

A fan of One Piece has made this stunning sculpture that's genuinely astonishing, and makes for an amazing tribute to one of the best anime series ever.

Luffy in One Piece

Fans of One Piece are a creative lot. One need only look at the cosplay community to see what One Piece aficionados are capable of. But a particular fan of one of the best anime has taken their creativity to another level by producing a stunning tribute to Luffy made of sand.

Yes, sand. Leonardo Ugolini, a sand sculptor from Italy, has constructed a beautiful piece dedicated to one of the best anime characters, featuring both Luffy and the Thousand Sunny. In a process video on Instagram, you can see the painstaking efforts Ugolini goes to, using multiple shades of sand and carving out all the different shapes.

However, it’s only after the camera pans out that you see the majesty of his work. This thing is huge! The level of detail is incredible. As of now, you can see the sculpture in Denmark, in Hundested, a town north-west of Copenhagen. Coastal, just as the Straw Hats would want.

You can check out an image below, if getting all the way to Denmark is a trek for you.

One Piece sand sculpture

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