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New Hugh Jackman movie is now streaming on Netflix

This new drama movie starring Hugh Jackman is now streaming on Netflix, so fans can see the superhero movie actor in a different kind of role than usual.

Hugh Jackman in the Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman might be hard at work on Deadpool 3, but one of his most recent movies is now available to stream on Netflix. The Son, which premiered at Venice Film Festival in 2022, is based on the 2018 play of the same name. Jackman might be known more for the X-Men movies, but in this 2022 movie, he plays the father of the titular son.

Directed by Florian Zeller, The Son follows high school student Nicholas (Zen McGrath) as he navigates mental health issues. Despite still being hurt by his father divorcing his mother (Laura Dern), Nicholas decides to move in with him and his new wife, Beth (Vanessa Kirby). The drama movie, in turn, explores how the pair try and rebuild their relationship in the wake of Nicholas’ depression.

Anthony Hopkins also had a cameo in the film as Jackman’s father, marking the second time he appeared in one of Zeller’s projects. He previously starred in The Father alongside Olivia Colman.

Unfortunately, The Son wasn’t as well-received as The Father — although many critics agreed that Jackman was one of the best actors in the film. The Digital Fix’s The Son review, for example, notes that the actor “delivers an especially strong and emotional performance.”

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So, if you’re interested in seeing that performance for yourself, you can watch The Son on the streaming service now. Or, you can learn more about some of Jackman’s new movies with guides like our explainer on the Deadpool 3 release date.