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The Naruto live-action movie finally has an update, and it’s exciting

We knew a Naruto live-action movie was coming, and we finally have more info on when one of the best anime ever will make the jump.

We just got a great update about the Naruto live-action movie

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for the Naruto live-action movie, since we first heard way back in 2015 that a Hollywood spin on the manga was on the way. We were starting to worry that it would never happen but, with hundreds of episodes of ninja action to adapt, it could be perfect.

Now, Naruto fans have been rewarded for their patience. Finally, the prospect of one of the best anime series we’ve ever seen making the jump from animation has moved a step closer with the news that Tasha Huo has been hired to write the script. We’ve long wanted to see how our favorite Naruto characters would look in live-action, and this means we’ll soon get our wish.

Variety reports that Huo, who recently developed the Tomb Raider anime series for Netflix, has lined up Naruto as her next project. She’s recently been busy with the script for the Red Sonja movie, so she knows her way around new movies based on a beloved IP.

Lionsgate first announced plans to turn Naruto into a live-action movie in 2015, with The Greatest Showman director Michael Gracey on board behind the camera. As far as we know, he’s still attached to the latest version of the project.

The Naruto live-action movie is finally a step closer to happening

It seems like an absolute no-brainer to adapt Naruto in live-action, though we’re fascinated to hear that this is still due to be a movie rather than a TV series. One Piece made its way into live-action as a Netflix series earlier this year, allowing more time to tell the sprawling story. You can read our One Piece review for more on that.

That longform approach seems like a perfect fit for the best shounen anime around. Inevitably, a single feature-length adventure will have to leave out beloved characters and cut storylines short. Of course, there’s always a chance of sequels if the box office is kind.

And we think there’s every chance that kindness will happen. While Naruto does have dense and complex lore, there’s plenty of room to bring it right back to its roots as a fun adventure with ninja-infused fight scenes. You don’t need to have spent years following the manga or the anime to vibe with that.

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We’re excited to see if Naruto can become one of the best movies ever made based on a manga but, in the meantime, dig deeper into this world with our guide to every Akatsuki member in Naruto ranked by strength. And if you’re a newbie in search of what to watch, learn how to watch Naruto in order and find out which Naruto filler episodes you can skip.

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