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Michelle Yeoh almost died making this action movie

Michelle Yeoh did lots of awesome stunt work before the Oscar winning Everything Everywhere All At Once, but she almost died making one action movie.

Michelle Yeoh in Yes, Madam

There’s no shortage of praise going around for Michelle Yeoh at the moment, particularly following Everything Everywhere All At Once‘s Oscars domination.

Pairing with her MCU Shang-Chi role, these science-fiction movies introduced her to a new generation of audience, but some of the best Michelle Yeoh movies came long before.

Known for her incredible skills in filming fight scenes and set pieces, Yeoh has an impressive back catalogue of kung-fu movies, one of them being Police Story 3 — Supercop, where she acted alongside Jackie Chan, and was almost seriously injured.

Remembering a crazy stunt which involved leaping from a truck onto the hood of a car in the action movie, Yeoh said,  “The windscreen was supposed to shatter, and that would have helped me have a break, but the windscreen didn’t shatter, I had nowhere to hold onto, and I kept sliding off the car.”

“All I remember was like ‘Duhn!’ on the ground. Fortunately, I didn’t go head first. Then I hear Jackie. He was like, ‘Okay, okay, that’s it! Enough! We are finished for the day! We’re not doing anymore! This is stupid! This is ridiculous! We’re not doing it!'”

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Fans familiar with how tough Yeoh is probably won’t be surprised by the alarming additional detail of how she was willing to give the stunt another go, despite being in the path of oncoming cars the last time. “When you fall off a horse, you jump back, right on, right away.”

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