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Michael Caine’s new movie is “probably” his last, and we’re very sad

Michael Caine has a movie coming out called The Great Escaper, and while normally this is something to smile about, this one's bittersweet as he's retiring.

Michael Caine in The Muppet Christmas Carol over an image of new movie The Great Escaper

At this point, Michael Caine owes us less than nothing. The storied acting legend has been providing us entertainment for decades, tackling just about every style and approach to filmmaking you can fathom.

But now, Michael Caine seems to be looking at leaving Hollywood behind. After making a healthy contribution to the best movies ever made, his current new movie, The Great Escaper, might be his final. That’s according to a profile in The Telegraph, which states that the drama movie “will probably be his last film”.

Caine’s alright with it, since he wasn’t sure if he’d get a send off picture. “With Covid-19 and all that, I hadn’t done a picture for three years, and I thought I was finished,” he says. “And I suddenly did it, and had such a wonderful time.”

Primed to be one of the best movies based on a true story, The Great Escaper follows Bernard Jordan, a WWII veteran who decides to break out of his nursing home to attend a D-Day commemoration. That certainly sounds like a charming comedy movie, and something that’s right up Caine’s street.

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“I was so happy to do it,” the actor adds. “I just loved the character of Bernie. I thought he was incredible, and it’s so beautifully written.” The piece adds that Caine needed to do scenes in one take due to mobility issues. Given that he’s one of the best actors ever, we probably won’t noticed a thing.

Rumors of Caine retiring circulated in 2021 due to comments he made while promoting another film, Best Sellers. He shot down the notion, but that was then, he’s 90-years-old now, and probably would rather dedicate his time to family instead.

Whatever the case, he’s left an incredible filmography. Check out our list of the best romance movies for more cushy storytelling, and we have guides to Deadpool 3 and Yellowstone season 5 part 2 if you want something a little more far-fetched.