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Thor Love and Thunder merch teases Gorr story details

While details on the new Thor movie are sparse, some tantalising information about the villain Gorr has been spotted on the merch for Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder merch teases Gorr story details

Is anyone else a little bit worried that we still haven’t seen a trailer, or been given any real update about Thor Love and Thunder yet? The new MCU movie is set for release on July 8, 2022, but Marvel has been playing it very cool when it comes to promoting the latest chapter in Thor‘s story. However, a look at some of the merch linked to the movie has offered up some key details about its villain, Gorr.

Ever since Taika Waititi came along and actually made Thor fun, we’ve been very excited for the upcoming Marvel movie, but Kevin Feige and his team are clearly not ready to start sharing anything yet. Of course, as with any Marvel project now, they pretty much market themselves, but we would have expected such a key movie in Phase 4 to at least be getting some love as the release date gets closer and closer.

Thankfully, starved fans have been inspecting a recent merch leak and spotted some cool details about Gorr the God Butcher, the villain of Thor 4, who will be played by Christian Bale.

One thing we know so far, is that Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie is the ruler of New Asgard, after Thor handed her the throne at the end of Avengers: Endgame. And, it is on the packaging of a Valkyrie toy that these new details about Gorr have been teased.

The character description for Valkyrie reads: “When a dangerous new visitor threatens the livelihood of New Asgard, King Valkyrie is forced to take up her sword once more to defend her people.”

We’re not certain, but that new visitor is very likely to be Gorr, and we’d bet he’s looking for Thor. With his homeland in danger, this is probably the big event which forces Thor to end his travels with the Guardians of the Galaxy and swoop in to help out his fellow Asgardians.

Now, all we need is a trailer to keep us going until July. Presumably, the recent reshoots are the cause of the promotional delays, but us Marvel fans are desperate for something! Are you listening Kevin Feige?