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Chris Hemsworth’s Thor: Love and Thunder costume revealed by new toy

Another toy - this time from Hasbro - has provided more clues as to Chris Hemsworth's Thor: Love and Thunder costume

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

In the absence of posters, trailers or any images officially released by Marvel, Thor fans are still searching for clues regarding Thor: Love and Thunder, which is set for release in only a few months. As with Spider-Man: No Way Home, MCU Stans are looking to toys to provide clues regarding characters and costumes.

Last week, the Japanese toy company S.H. Figuarts unveiled their “Mighty Thor” and “Jane Foster” figures and now we have a further clue with another toy – from the Hasbro Titan Hero Series. While the toy itself is not detailed – it shows Thor almost entire in blue, with just a few black and gold details, holding Stormbreaker – the picture of Chris Hemsworth on the front of the box is more interesting.

The picture shows Hemsworth with the long blonde hair that we traditionally associate with the character (as opposed to the shorter, darker hair he sported in Thor: Ragnarok), but still with a darker beard. When they stopped dyeing his eyebrows blonde – that was a good move.

The picture also shows Thor in a tunic and cape that has a lot of blue, red and gold details, which fits with the costume we saw on the Japanese toys last week. As we’ve come to expect from Taika Waititi, it looks like Thor: Love and Thunder will be filled with colour (and we’re guessing, humour).

You can see the tweet from Discussing Film with the Hasbro toy here;

We don’t know very much about Love and Thunder, plot-wise, yet. We know that Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster is back and will be stepping up to a much bigger role – gaining her own Thor-like powers and costume to go with it. We also know that Christian Bale will be playing the main villain Gorr, the God-Butcher, with a vendetta against god-like beings. And Russell Crowe joins as Zeus, maybe filling the Anthony Hopkins-shaped hole in the saga.

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