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When does Secret Invasion take place in the MCU timeline?

The new Marvel series is roping us in with its mysterious story and political intrigue, but in the MCU timeline, when does Secret Invasion take place?

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion

When does Secret Invasion take place? The MCU timeline is an unruly beast, especially now that multiverses and de-aging are often involved.

When it comes to the new Marvel series led by Samuel L. Jackson, where are we at? And has Thanos’ snap already happened? How come all the Skrulls are still around, seemingly with no new home like Nick Fury promised? Also, who does Emilia Clarke play in Secret Invasion?

Lots of questions to be answered, but for now, here are the confirmed details on where the Disney Plus show sits in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s timeline. So, when does Secret Invasion take place?

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When does Secret Invasion take place in the MCU timeline?

Secret Invasion is confirmed to occur in the “present-day” MCU, after Thanos’ snap and the first Skrull introduction way back in Captain Marvel.

At a Secret Invasion press conference The Digital Fix attended, Marvel Studios’ Jonathan Schwartz confirmed, “It’s present-day MCU, is what we’re calling it. So it exists along the timeline that the shows come out in. So, post-‘She-Hulk,’ post-Blip, right at this exact present day in the MCU.”

As of right now Secret Invasion is the newest story in the Marvel timeline, dealing with current events. Nick’s first introduction to the Skrulls took place in the 90s in Captain Marvel, that’s now a long time past. The story is also estranged from the comics in some ways, but more on that later in our differences between the Secret Invasion TV series and the comics explainer.

All the things you’ve seen in Marvel projects have already taken place, meaning that when new movies like The Marvels come out, the events of Secret Invasion will have presumably been tied up with a bow… or not, if the MCU decides to keep some Skrull shenanigans on the back burner for future stories (please do that!)

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