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Who is Raava in Secret Invasion?

In the new Disney Plus show Nik Fury can't trust anyone and even his friend Rhodey's been replaced. Learn more about the Skrull that abducted War Machine here.

Raava in Secret Invasion: War Machine turning into a Skrull

Who is Raava in Secret Invasion? Nick Fury has his hands full on the new Disney Plus show Secret Invasion dealing with a group of shapeshifting aliens determined to take the Earth for themselves.

Now the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Nick Fury’s no stranger to dealing with pots to rule the world, but things are different in this new Marvel series. The aliens have already infiltrated the US Government and taken out several of our favorite MCU characters.

Most notably, Rhodey, aka War Machine, has been replaced by a female Skrull. In Secret Invasion episode 5, we finally learned the identity of this mysterious Skrull. They’re called Raava, but who is this sinister spy? Warning spoilers ahead for the new Disney Plus shows.

Who is Raava in Secret Invasion?

Raava is the name of the Skrull who replaced Rhodey in Secret Invasion. While we don’t know that much about her life so far, we know she’s dedicated to the Rebel Skrull cause and totally loyal to Gravik and is even willing to put up with death threats from her boss if it means the Skrulls get a new homeland. 

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Who is Raava in the Marvel comics?

In the comics, Raava is a Skrull pirate who’s seeking vengeance against the wider Skrull Empire, which she blames for the death of her children, Skragg and Raavaka. Created by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward, Raava first appeared in 2021’s Black Bolt #1.

Known as the Un-Skrulled, Raava lacks the natural ability to shapeshift  (in sharp contrast to her small-screen counterpart), but she makes up for this by being the toughest warrior this side of Knowhere. With her two swords, Angry Daughter and Hungry Son, she helped Black Bolt and a ragtag group of prisoners escape from a Skrull spaceship.

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