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MCU star teased Samuel L Jackson at the Oscars about upcoming fight

Samuel L. Jackson got a heads up about some trouble brewing for Nick Fury in the MCU during the Oscars, and this particular tease was very, very ominous indeed.

Samuel L Jackson in Secret Invasion

The MCU tends to be quite secretive, and even Samuel L. Jackson‘s not sure what’s coming around the bend. He did get a lovely hint on what Marvel’s Phase 5 might have in store, though, during the Oscars from an unlikely source.

He explained the incident to TheWrap, who asked about him and Julia-Louis Dreyfus encountering each other. He dodges the idea they’ll meet in Marvel series Secret Invasion, but suggests something’s happening. “She was sitting right behind me at the Oscars, so she kept poking me and [saying] ‘We’re gonna fight! We’re gonna fight!’” Jackson laughs. “So I guess she already knows something I don’t know. Or she’s just starting something anyway.”

In the Marvel movies and TV series, Dryfus portrays MCU character Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, a more evil, mysterious version of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. She’s been lining up baddies and antiheroes for the Thunderbolts release date, and if she meets Nick, you can bet it’ll be a memorable encounter.

When and where that happens is up for discussion — it could be Secret Invasion, but Jackson’s lips are sealed. Since that Disney Plus show brings Nick back down to Earth, Jackson can now meet so many more heroes and movie villains across the franchise.

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He has the Skrulls to deal with first, though. Secret Invasion has him tackling an insurgent cell of Skrulls who want to take over Earth. Nick’s got Maria Hill and Talos by his side, but they’ll need to tread lightly, especially given the events of the first episode. Olivia Colman and Emilia Clarke join in, as well.

You can watch Secret Invasion on Disney Plus. Check out our guides to The Marvels release date, Captain America 4 release date, and the Thunderbolts release date for what’ll be coming after.