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The real Loki has a deep secret connection to this new MCU character

Loki season 2 is here, and we've created a theory which gives the titular MCU character a hidden connection to one of the new faces in the cast. Buckle up!

Tom Hiddleston in Loki season 2

Loki is unarguably among the most complex characters in MCU lore. We’ve lost track of just how many times he’s died, and the current version of the character (yes, there are multiple versions of Loki) is from an earlier version of the timeline which he escaped during the events of Avengers Endgame before being captured by the TVA.

Like so much in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it sounds more confusing than it is, and especially if you’ve ever watched all the Marvel movies in order it should all make sense to you. Since then, this version of the best Marvel character (don’t argue: of course he is!) has secured his own MCU series with the brilliant Loki. We’re currently on Loki season 2, and it’s still one of the best TV series around.

It’s mostly a continuation of the first season, with more TVA shenanigans and the threat of Kang looming intimidatingly. There are some new MCU characters this time though, including Loki season 2 cast member Ke Huy Quan’s Ouroboros, also known as OB. OB is brilliant fun, and we also think he might be… Loki’s son. Stay with us! We can explain!

Loki, Thor, and all the other Asgardians (Hela, Valkyrie, Fandral, Hogun, Sif, and Volstagg) are based on real-life characters from genuine ancient Norse mythology. Their personalities, backstories, powers, and roles in the MCU are influenced by the Viking tales too, providing an exciting mythological basis for their stories to unfold.

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Another character with links to Norse mythology is the newly introduced Ouroboros. An ouroboros is an ancient symbol used across global mythologies that depicts a snake devouring its own tail in an eternal loop. That has links to time and the notion of time loops (hence OB’s involvement in the TVA), and in Norse mythology the giant snake Jörmungandr encircles the Earth, biting its own tail and making the ouroboros symbol. What links this all together is that, in Norse mythology, Jörmungandr is the offspring of Loki.

So: Jörmungandr is the son of Loki, and it encircles the world in an ouroboros symbol. In the Loki series, we have a newly introduced character called Ouroboros, involved in time loops and the TVA, and linked to Norse mythology through his connection with Loki.

Coincidence? Perhaps, though we like to think the big brains behind the development of the MCU are a bit more clever than that. We think we could see Loki time-slip back into the past, and somehow have a child (possibly with Sylvie, to make things even more confusing) that becomes Ouroboros, making the Ouroboros in the present Loki’s son, and creating a form of time loop.

Either way, we know one thing for absolutely certain: the remaining four episodes of Loki season 2 are going to continue playing with time in exciting and mind-bending ways (likely giving us a headache along the way) whether or not Ouroboros somehow ends up being Loki’s son.

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