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Netflix’s Marvel TV series aren’t coming to Disney Plus yet

Netflix's Marvel TV series aren't listed on the TV series and movies coming to the streaming service in March so where are they are going?

Marvel Netflix series missing

Netflix’s Marvel shows are set to disappear from the streaming service in the coming days, but we don’t know where they’re going. The presumption was that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the rest of the Defenders were leaving Netflix and making their way over to Disney Plus with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Every month Disney Plus releases a list of all the shows, specials, and movies that are coming to the platform but March’s list of content doesn’t include any of Netflix’s Marvel series. Now that doesn’t mean that the Defenders and their deadly mate, The Punisher aren’t coming to the House of Mouse’s preferred streaming service eventually, but it does mean that for March, at least these shows are effectively gone.

It was never confirmed that these series were leaving Netflix for Disney Plus this month, so it isn’t too much of a shock that they’re not coming in March. It’s probably a safe bet that these six shows will eventually find themselves onto Disney’s streamer, but we couldn’t say when.

There are several possible reasons that Daredevil and the gang haven’t arrived. The first is the dullest, it’s possible the legal complexities of Netflix and Marvel co-producing these series make streaming them difficult for Disney.

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It’s also equally possible that Disney doesn’t want to promote these shows while they’re gearing up for their next big MCU series, Moon Knight. After all, why compete with yourself when you can release the Defender’s series in a month there aren’t any Marvel shows launching and avoid cannibalising your audience.

Or perhaps Disney wants to sit on the series to drum up excitement for their triumphant return to the home of Marvel. Need to know more about the future of the MCU? Check out our guide on Marvel’s Phase 4.