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How to watch Moon Knight - when can I stream the new Marvel series?

Where and when can you watch Moon Knight? Bad guys of the Marvel Cinematic Universe best watch out because there's a new vigilante in town

Moon Knight how to watch

Where and when can you watch Moon Knight? Bad guys of the Marvel Cinematic Universe best watch out because there’s a new vigilante in town, and this one doesn’t pull his punches. Violent and brutal, Moon Knight is the ‘Fist of Khonshu’, ready to strike down evil does in the name of justice.

Or he would if he didn’t have to share his body with a museum gift shop worker. Yes, Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) isn’t like your typical superheroes – he suffers from multiple personality syndrome. As such, he has two separate personalities, the violent mercenary and vigilante Marc Spector and the aforementioned shop clerk Steven. This new series from Marvel sees Steven and Marc forced to work together to take down the fiendish cult leader Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke).

A surprisingly dark series for Marvel, we enjoyed Moon Knight for not shying away from the weirder elements of the source material – even if we did question what it’s all in aid of. If you want to see Moon Knight, though, and make up your own mind, then you’re going to know where to catch it, which is where we come in…

Where can I watch Moon Knight?

Unsurprisingly Moon Knight, like its fellow MCU TV series – and the Netflix Marvel shows now – is a Disney Plus exclusive. As such, if you want to watch the adventures of Marc, Steven, and Khonshu, you’re going to have to get yourself a subscription to Mickey Mouse’s favourite streaming service.

When can I watch Moon Knight?

Moon Knight will be available to stream from 08:00(BST)/03:00(EST)/00:00 (PST. The series is six episodes long and will start streaming on 30/03/22. Following that, episodes will be released weekly until 04/05/22.

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