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Ethan Hawke shares his daughter’s advice for interacting with MCU fans

Moon Knight star Ethan Hawke, who plays Arthur Harrow in the Disney Plus series, revealed in an interview that his daughter shared some advice with him

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Ethan Hawke is the latest star to graduate into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starring opposite Oscar Isaac as Arthur Harrow in the Phase 4 Disney Plus series Moon Knight.

Hawke, who has previously appeared in classics like drama movie Dead Poets Society, revealed in a recent interview with E! News that his daughter, Maya Hawke, gave him a few tips on how to interact with Marvel fans. Given that Maya plays Robin Bucky in Netflix series Stranger Things, she’s well-versed in how to navigate the fanbases that come with such high-profile sci-fi series’. And she told her father some of what she had learned.

“[Maya] said something really beautiful to me. As a performer, your job is to participate with the audience,” Hawke told the outlet.”Yes, you want to lead and do work that you believe in, but we want people to care about art. This is what people care about. They really have a passion for the material. You have to respect them and respect their fandom and try to give them something that’s worth it.”

In the TV series, Arthur Harrow, like our protagonist, serves an Egyptian deity: the goddess Ammit. In Egyptian mythology, Ammit devours the souls of those judged to be immoral – but according to Harrow, she’s been betrayed by the other Gods and locked away, leaving evil free to thrive on earth.

Essentially, Harrow and his followers see it as their purpose to free Ammit from her ‘prison’ and allow her to serve her justice and create Heaven on Earth. God complex, much?

The first episode of Moon Knight is available to stream now on Disney Plus, with subsequent episodes being released on Wednesdays through May 4. Here at The Digital Fix, we’ve given Moon Knight episode one three stars — find out why.