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Brie Larson reveals how Captain Marvel changed her as a person

Becoming a superhero is bound to alter your outlook on life, and Brie Larson says becoming Captain Marvel definitely changed her as a person

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Joining the MCU and becoming a superhero is surely a life-changing experience for any actor, especially when you play the most powerful MCU character of them all. Brie Larson, star of Captain Marvel and many other Marvel movies, has opened up about how the role has changed her as a person.

After first appearing in her own solo superhero movie, Larson has gone on to play the role of Captain Marvel in various MCU movies, most notably joining up with the Avengers to stop Thanos. She also had a cameo appearance in Ms Marvel, showing up in the post-credit scene of the hit Marvel series.

Larson is set to have a pivotal role in Marvel’s Phase 5 moving forward, and the action movie star is a very different person now to who she was before Marvel came knocking. On the Jimmy Kimmel show, Larson revealed the ways she has changed since taking on the role.

When asked about her fitness regime, Larson explained how this became part of her life when she was cast as Captain Marvel: “I thought that I was supposed to do all my own stunts. So I started training and I learned that I was actually much stronger than I realised. It really transformed my life. Captain Marvel changed me as a person.”

Now, Larson is climbing insanely large mountains, lifting incredibly heavy weights, and generally kicking ass in her daily life. On top of all that, she is creating entertainment, and a lot of it. Of everything announced at Disney Plus Day this year, Brie Larson is at the heart of two projects for the streaming service – a short film, and a new TV series called Growing Up.

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