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Loki is becoming the MCU’s Avenger Prime, and that’s a really big deal

Loki's transition from heroic villain to villainous hero is nearly complete and he's ready to take on the mantle of Marvel's Avenger Prime.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki: Prime Avenger Loki explained

If you’re watching Loki season 2 you probably have a sense that something huge is on the horizon for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most charismatic anti-villain. That’s because he could be about to become even more powerful as the Avenger Prime.

“What’s the Avenger Prime?!” These are two words that have gone unspoken in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, because like so much in the cinematic side of the franchise its roots are in the comics. The best way to learn about the origins of the mysterious Marvel character Avenger Prime is to pick up Jason Aaron’s recent Avengers run and see the story for yourself. The second best way is to let us explain it all to you.

Assuming you’ve gone for the second option, let’s get straight into it. After all, if we’re right about this, it’s going to be vital knowledge heading into the upcoming Marvel movies, as Phase 5 ends and Phase 6 begins.

Who is the Avenger Prime?

Avenger Prime is a heroic variant of the God of Mischief, Loki, who organzines and leads the Multiversal Avengers in the fight against an all-powerful version of Doctor Doom named Doom Supreme.

The identity of Avenger Prime was hidden until Avengers Forever #13 revealed the character to be Loki. He plays a vital role in this storyline as the force behind the formation of the Avengers, this time uniting the team after realizing that it is his destiny (regardless of what universe he’s in) to bring the superheroes together.

Typically, Loki unintentionally unites the Avengers through his status as a Marvel villain. But, seeing that it’s his fate to lose to the Avengers, in this story, Loki journeys across reality and time to unite them intentionally as their leader instead of their enemy. He serves as a great hero, battling against the forces of Doom Supreme and protecting the Multiverse from collapse and conquest.

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But how does Avenger Prime relate to Loki in the MCU?

Loki’s new ability to control his time slipping, as well as his increasing status as a bona fide hero rather than a villain, sets him up perfectly to become Avenger Prime in the MCU as the Multiverse saga kicks into gear.

Like Avenger Prime in the comics, he will now be able to travel through time at will to recruit a new team of heroes — after the loss of former Avenger veterans in the battle against Thanos — to fight against the threat posed by Kang (who steps into the villain role here in place of Doctor Doom).

Loki is the best-placed character for this, given his knowledge of He Who Remains, and his understanding of the Multiverse through his time in the TVA.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki: Prime Avenger Loki explained

Why Avenger Prime matters to the MCU

If Loki does use his new powers to become Avenger Prime, he’s going to define the next few years of the MCU and its stories.

He will be the main bastion defense against Kang, as he has been throughout Loki seasons 1 and 2, and will be the driving force behind the creation of a new team of mighty heroes. This is made all the more likely by our existing knowledge of new MCU movies like Deadpool 3 and Secret Wars.

Rumors and reports suggest that these movies will feature heroes from across the Multiverse uniting to take down Kang. Someone needs to lead them, and as one of the most popular and recognizable characters in the franchise, it makes sense both in-universe and out for that someone to be Loki.

He knows the threat Kang poses and what the collapse of the Multiverse can lead to. We’re certain that for Secret Wars if anyone can convince the likes of Doctor Strange, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man, and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to battle Kang, it’s the universe’s most charming trickster.

They (and others) would become Avenger Prime Loki’s Multiversal Avengers in the battle to save reality from Kang. Looking for more evidence, we know from a recent report that the conclusion of Loki season 2 is going to be vital to the new Avengers movies, and we also know that Mobius has a role to play in Deadpool 3. If the finale of Loki season 2 made him Avenger Prime, this would tie all those pieces together.

Loki would also finally officially get his redemption. We loved him when he was bad, but he’s the perfect character to save the universe, too.

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