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Will there be a Manifest season 5?

Now that Netflix has successfully revived the sci-fi series, we looking into whether you can watch out for Manifest season 5 someday.

Manifest season 5

Will there be a Manifest season 5? When NBC cancelled the Manifest after three seasons, fans were devastated that they’d never learn what really happened to the Flight 828 passengers.

Thankfully Netflix stepped in and performed a miracle, reviving the TV series for a fourth season, the first part of which was released on November 4. Now, fans are desperate to know if they’ll get another reprieve and if the Netflix series might get a fifth season.

So, will Manifest season 5 be a thing that happens? Stranger things have occurred for the sci-fi series, so let’s look into it.

Will there be a Manifest season 5?

No, there won’t be a Manifest season 5. When the streaming service Netflix brought the show back after NBC cancelled it, it was only renewed for one more season.

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Don’t worry, though. The show’s not over just yet. The first ten episodes of Manifest season 4 arrived on Netflix on November 4, and there are another ten yet to come. Manifest season 4 part 2 doesn’t have a release date just yet, but we can guess, based on Netflix’s previous release strategy, that it should hit Netflix in early 2023.

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