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How did Kraven the Hunter get his powers?

One of the best Spider-Man villains is set to lead a brand new movie of his own, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson. So how did Kraven the Hunter get his powers.

How did Kraven the Hunter get his powers?

How did Kraven the Hunter get his powers? There’s a new anti-hero in town, folks, and he bites off bad guy’s noses. That’s right; Kraven the Hunter is here, and he’s very hungry for some reason.

Kraven the Hunter has been a part of comic books for years as one of the best Spider-Man villains. Now, though, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has signed on to play the vicious tracker in a solo movie, with plenty of throat-ripping on show. The Kraven the Hunter release date is finally on the way and, in the wake of that ultra-gory trailer, we’re all strapped in for one of the most brutal new movies of 2023.

The movie will be an origin tale for Kraven – we’ve got more on ‘who is Kraven the Hunter?‘ – and will answer the question: how did Kraven the Hunter get his powers? Fortunately for you, readers, we’re one step ahead.

How did Kraven the Hunter get his powers?

Kraven the Hunter gets his powers in the new movie after he is attacked by a lion, and some of the lion DNA gets into his bloodstream.

This origin story is revealed in the new Kraven the Hunter trailer, and marks a shift from the comic books. On the page, Kraven is a talented big game hunter who gets superhuman abilities by drinking a potion made of jungle herbs. His powers have seemingly been simplified for the big screen.

The trailer follows the young Kraven (Levi Miller) on a hunting trip with his father (Russell Crowe) and brother. He is challenged to shoot down a lion, but seemingly hesitates long enough for the beast to attack.

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His dad, rather callously, dubs him “weak” and leaves him for dead. Little does he know that Kraven has lion powers now. It could happen to any of us.

It seems the movie has decided to give Kraven a more standard origin story, which ties in with the fact the film portrays him as something of an anti-hero – just as the Venom movies have done for their title character. Kraven is on a quest for revenge against his father who, in Kraven’s words, “puts evil into the world”, which he then takes out. Mostly with his teeth.

Kraven the Hunter looks like one of the more endearingly wild new movies of 2023, and we also know it will be R-rated. Given the amount of arterial spray in the trailer, that’s no surprise.

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