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Keanu Reeves reveals the action movie that made him love martial arts

Keanu Reeves is a total badass who knows all kinds of martial arts moves, but it's all thanks to one epic action movie that his love for the craft began.

Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix

If you’ve ever seen Keanu Reeves in action, you know he has a move or two up his sleeve when it comes to martial arts. In fact, a staple of many Keanu Reeves movies is seeing the actor kicking ass and taking names, putting all kinds of slick action movie skills to good use.

From The Matrix, to his more recent exploits in John Wick, and all the thriller movies like Point Break and Speed in between, Reeves has a penchant for beating people up and looking cool while doing it.

But, it turns out there’s one classic movie that really sparked his love affair with martial arts, as he revealed to John Wick cast member Scott Adkins on the Art of Action podcast.

Apparently, Reeves wasn’t sold on martial arts at first. “I think I took one aikido class when I was like 14 or something. I took one class and thought ‘this isn’t for me,'” he said.

That all changed, however, thanks to Reeves’ stepfather. “My stepfather took me to go see Enter the Dragon when I was a kid, in Times Square in New York. Double feature: Enter the Dragon and Five Fingers of Death. That was inspiring,” Reeves explained.

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So there we have it, we have Enter the Dragon to thank for the endless stream of cool Keanu moments. Just think, we might not have the John Wick movie franchise if it wasn’t for that fateful double bill in Times Square.

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