Everyone who dies in Indiana Jones 5

A number of people meet their maker in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. So, here's every main character and cast member who dies in Indiana Jones 5.

everyone who dies in indiana jones 5: indy and helena

Who dies in Indiana Jones 5? Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is the latest — and possibly final — installment of the Indiana Jones saga, which started way back in 1981 with Raiders of the Lost Ark. Warning, spoilers ahead!

The Indiana Jones movies are known for their extensive (and sometimes grisly) death tolls. And this new movie is no exception. Set in 1969, shortly after man first walked onto the moon, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) finds himself once again drawn to adventure.

This time, the mystery is centered around the Dial of Destiny, with Indy, his goddaughter (Helena), and shady scientist Doctor Voller (Mads Mikkelsen) all pursuing the artifact with their own agendas. But what price will they pay to get the item in the adventure movie? Here’s everyone who dies in Indiana Jones 5.

Everyone who dies in Indiana Jones 5:

  • Basil Shaw
  • Renaldo
  • Mason
  • Mutt
  • Doctor Voller

everyone who dies in indiana jones 5: basil shaw

Basil Shaw

Indy’s close friend and colleague, Basil Shaw, dies sometime prior to the events of Indiana Jones 5. After helping Indy acquire the Dial of Destiny in 1944, the artifact’s lore and alleged powers led to him going insane. Indy eventually took the Dial off him, and Basil died with the mystery of the Dial unsolved — although he left all his notes to his daughter, Helena.

everyone who dies in indiana jones 5: renaldo


Played by Antonio Banderas, Renaldo is an old friend of Indy who is instrumental in helping him find the missing half of the Dial. Sadly, his support comes with a price, as he ends up being murdered after Voller and his cronies intercept his ship.

everyone who dies in indiana jones 5: mason


Working in conjunction with the US Government, it’s unclear what side Mason is really on. But when Doctor Voller revealed his true colors, she ended up paying the ultimate price.

everyone who dies in indiana jones 5: mutt


In another off-screen death, Indy reveals in emotional scenes with Helena that Mutt was killed in action after enlisting in the military.

everyone who dies in indiana jones 5: doctor voller

Doctor Voller

Ultimately, it was Doctor Voller’s own arrogance that killed him. He tried to use the Dial to change the course of WWII but ended up in the midst of the Siege of Syracuse. His plane was eventually intercepted and crashed into a firey pit, with his skeletal remains paying homage to the gruesome death of Doctor Belloq after seeing the Ark of the Covenant in all its glory.

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