How I Met Your Mother cast: where are they now?

It's been six years since Ted Mosby met the love of his life, here's what the How I Met Your Mother cast have been up to since leaving MacLaren's Pub

How I Met Your Mother cast: Lily, Marshl, Robin, Ted, and Barney in McClarrens

Where are the How I Met Your Mother cast now? Ah, How I Met Your Mother. A modern sitcom classic that was initially unfavourably compared to the best episodes of Friends by critics that became a total sensation and elevated its cast to all-new heights in their acting careers. The mostly unsuccessful tales of hopeless romantic Ted Mosby’s New York dating life became a TV series adored by many.

The show was praised for its earnest writing, whip-smart gags, and its incredible cast, who breathed life into its often bizarre characters. Though the show’s finale is still hotly contested as one of the most disappointing sitcom endings in the genre’s history, the show’s nine seasons are still remembered fondly and stands as one of the best comedies of the 2000s.

But, since the show’s end in 2014, the show’s main cast has moved onto greener pastures, taking up new creative projects and still acting up a storm. So, what exactly have the MacClaren’s crew been up to since – well – 2030? Here’s our rundown of exactly what the How I Met Your Mother cast has been up to.

Who’s in the How I Met You Mother Cast?

  • Ted Mosby – Josh Radnor
  • Robin Scherbatsky – Cobie Smulders
  • Marshall Eriksen – Jason Segel
  • Lily Aldrin – Alyson Hannigan
  • Barney Stinson – Neil Patrick Harris

How I Met Your Mother cast: Ted Mosby

Ted Mosby – Josh Radnor

Ted Mosby, the gooey romantic who carried the show, was the heart of HIMYM. Josh Radnor has somewhat ducked away from the public eye, but that certainly doesn’t mean he hasn’t stopped creating. Radnor proved his talents don’t lie solely in acting with his 2010 directorial debut ‘Happythankyoumoreplease’, earning himself that year’s Audience Award from the Sundance Film Festival. Although he’s stayed in TV roles, he’s also been living it up on the theatre stage.

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Though his career has seen intermittent stage performances, Radnor took on the role of Seymour Krelborn in performances of Little Shop of Horrors in Washington D.C in 2018, after some New York performances in Disgraced and The Babylon Line.

He is also a talented musician, writing and performing in his Indie Folk duo Radnor & Lee, releasing two records in 2017 and 2020. In 2021, though, he took centre stage with his debut solo release, One More Then I’ll Let You Go.

How I Met Your Mother cast: Robin

Robin Scherbatsky – Cobie Smulders

Ted’s on-again-off-again, gun-toting, mall-going, other half has been keeping herself busy, as Cobie Smulders is still rolling in brilliant acting roles after her stint as Robin Scherbatsky. She continued to secure television roles after How I Met Your Mother, appearing in Arrested Development, and Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events – but if you’ve seen her anywhere post-HIMYM, it’s probably in her many appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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As Nick Fury’s second-in-command Agent Maria Hill, Smulders has appeared in six MCU movies so far and appeared in What If..? She’s also billed to return in Secret Invasion set to arrive at some point in 2022.

Like Robin, Smulders became an American citizen in 2020 without losing her Canadian citizenship. She also certainly hasn’t forgotten her roots, either, releasing a new rewritten version of Robin Sparkles’ classic hit titled Let’s All Stay At Home! When the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off.

How I Met Your Mother cast: Marshal

Marshall Eriksen – Jason Segel

By far the most earnest of HIMYM’s cast, Jason Segel’s Marshall Eriksen’s is St Cloud’s finest, ‘Beercules’, and one of New York’s best lawyers. But, Segel has stayed busy in the entertainment industry outside of the show.

You’ll likely recognise him most from some films in the late 2000s, like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love You, Man. Still, he’s kept acting since leaving Marshall behind, after expressing his wishes to move on from the character but being convinced to stick around for the final ninth season.

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He has since appeared in some drama movies like Our Friend, alongside Dakota Johnson and Casey Affleck, and is set to appear in Josephine Decker’s new film; The Sky Is Everywhere. He appeared on the small screen in 2020 in the series Home Movie: The Princess Bride and created the anthology drama series Dispatches from Elsewhere.

How I Met Your Mother cast: Lily

Lily Aldrin – Alyson Hannigan

Kindergarten teacher and dog artist Lily Aldrin was brought to life lovingly by Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Alyson Hannigan. Hannigan took the role to get into some more comedic acting – and did such a good job at it that she bagged a People’s Choice Award for it in 2009. Ever since, she’s stayed primarily in TV, acting in Fancy Nancy and even hosting some reality TV with 64 episodes of Penn and Teller: Fool Us.

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She’s also been in a couple of Disney movie projects, taking up a role in the live-action Kim Possible live-action film as Kim’s mother Ann and playing Phyllis Buckman in Flora & Ulysses. She’s married to her Buffy co-star Alexis Denisof, and the couple are living in California in the house used for the set of This Is Us.

How I Met Your Mother cast: Barney

Barney Stinson – Neil Patrick Harris

The smooth-talking, definitely-not-safe-for-work womaniser, Barney Stinson, is perhaps the most memorable element of How I Met Your Mother cast (for better or worse), and it has done his actor, Neil Patrick Harris, absolute wonders.

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It’ll likely be of no surprise to you, but NPH is an absolute star, and his work outside HIMYM has been particularly impressive. He was the human lead in the Smurfs movies, a mysterious figure in The Matrix: Resurrections, Count Olaf in Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events, the director of a production of Rent at LA’s Hollywood Bowl, the host of The Tony Awards many years in a row, and the star of a particularly wholesome Nintendo Switch advert.

Oh, and he’s actually Spider-Man, starring as Peter Parker in the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Blimey. He now lives with his husband, David Burtka (who you might recognise from HIMYM as Lily’s clingy ex-boyfriend Scooter), with their two kids.