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Emma Watson had the “most horrible” birthday ever on Harry Potter set

You can't deny the commitment of the Harry Potter cast, who spent Emma Watson's birthday filming a very difficult and traumatic scene.

Emma Watson had her worst birthday ever while making Harry Potter

The young stars of the Harry Potter franchise mostly talk about their time on set with glowing enthusiasm. They had the unique chance to grow up surrounded by magic after all. However, there was one particular day for Emma Watson that really tested her commitment – and it just so happened to be her birthday.

During the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the three main Harry Potter cast members had to emerge from an ice-cold lake in the wake of their dramatic escape from Gringotts. Director David Yates had devised an elaborate camera setup to convey the urgency of the scene, in which Harry had a vision about Voldemort and his Horcruxes.

Unfortunately for the actors, the filming required them to spend a huge amount of time covered in freezing water on a studio backlot. On the DVD commentary track, Yates said: “We brought Dan, Rupert, and Emma down to the set and we soaked them. That was the day they almost got hypothermia, and fortunately survived. It was also Emma’s birthday, of course.”

Watson didn’t have much time to celebrate her special day on the set and described it as “one of the most horrible days of my life ever”. Not the best way to spend a birthday, at all. We’d certainly count nearly freezing to death as a pretty miserable party. But she did get a cake, so it’s not all bad.

She added: “It was just so cold. I’ve never been that cold in my entire life. I think it was around freezing temperature and they had us getting in and out of this lake, so we spent the whole day soaking wet.”

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Yates was especially impressed with Watson on the day, given how much she helped Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint to get through it all. “It was tough for them. Poor old Rupert was freezing,” said Yates. “What I love about Emma is I said: ‘Are you guys alright? Emma, are you OK?’ And she looked at me, and said: ‘Don’t worry about me, look at these guys. They’re dying out here’. She insisted they get warm first. She was being very maternal.”

As hard as it was for the actors, it definitely gives the scene an added flavor. These Harry Potter characters sound like they’re absolutely freezing cold, because that’s exactly how the actors felt. Everyone went for broke while making the final Deathly Hallows installment and they were rewarded for sure, as it’s one of the best movies in the entire franchise.

So we’d like to salute Emma Watson for sacrificing her birthday in order to shiver at the side of an artificial lake. We hope her birthdays since then have been a lot more comfortable.

Emma Watson spent her birthday filming Harry Potter in a freezing lake

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