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House of the Dragon: will the Starks be in House of the Dragon?

Will the Starks be in House of the Dragon - The Starks are one of the most honourable Houses in Westeros, so will they show up in House of the Dragon season 2

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones

Will the Starks be in House of the Dragon? Game of Thrones was renowned for its ability to juggle a huge cast of characters. However, if you had to choose the main characters of the fantasy series, it’d be the Starks. Initially led by the ill-fated Ned Stark, House Stark were the rulers of Winterfell in the North, and one of the most powerful Houses in Westeros. That was, until the Lannisters conspired to destroy them.

The death of Ned Stark led to the downfall of the Starks, who ended up scattered across Westeros in all manner of difficult situations. Robb Stark and his mother Catelyn Stark were both killed, while Arya Stark was forced to take on a new identity within the underbelly of Westeros. Meanwhile Sansa Stark essentially became a hostage in her own home. Despite all that, when Game of Thrones ended the fortunes of the Starks started to be looking up. Bran Stark was made the King of Westeros, while Sansa Stark became the Queen in the North.

The new Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon has had the chance to shed some light on the backstory of many Game of Thrones characters and their families, but so far, the Starks have been notably absent from all the action in the TV series. The question is, will the Starks be in House of the Dragon in the future?

Will the Starks be in House of the Dragon?

It has been confirmed that the Starks will be in House of the Dragon and that they will be making their entrance in House of the Dragon season 2.

It’s highly likely that the show will introduce Cregan Stark (who is the head of House Stark at the time in which House of the Dragon takes place), alongside the other important Starks around him. This is because Cregan Stark plays an important role in the Dance of the Dragons.

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Of course, the Starks we will see in House of the Dragon will not be the Game of Thrones characters we’re all used to. The new House of the Dragon characters will be the ancestors of the Starks seen in Game of Thrones.

So what does the introduction of the Starks mean for the world of Westeros? Firstly, we’ll get to see parts of Westeros previously unseen in House of the Dragon. The introduction of the Starks will also be a thorny issue for Alicent Hightower, Otto Hightower, and the Greens, as they’ll be expected to join forces with Rhaenyra and the Blacks. The Starks will really be shaking things up, and that’s pretty exciting if you ask us.

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