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House of the Dragon: is Vermithor as big as Vhagar?

House of the Dragon: the mighty dragons of House Targaryen are going to war and people want to know who's the bigger beast, Vermithor or Vhagar?

House of the Dragon: is Vermithor as big is Vhagar?

Is Vermithor as big is Vhagar? The Targaryen family are going to war with one another other, and everyone in Westeros will pay the price. Yes, Rhaenyra Targaryen wants the throne that was stolen by her brother Aegon II TargaryenAlicent Hightower, and Otto Hightower, even if she has to get an awful lot of blood on her hands.

Aegon and the House of the Dragon characters on his side, the Greens, have one major advantage over Rhaenyra’s side, the Blacks. Aegon’s brother Aemond is the master of the most powerful dragon in the land Vhagar. How will the Blacks counter this living engine of war?

Well, they’ve got their own ace in the hole. Daemon Targaryen has managed to rouse Vermithor, a great bronze dragon last ridden by the greatest Targaryen king, Jaehaerys I. But how do the dragons stack up against each other? Is Vermithor as big is Vhagar? 

Is Vermithor as big is Vhagar?

Vermithor is smaller than Vhagar, and it’s probably not even close. Vhagar was the second largest Targaryen dragon ever after Balerion the Black Dread due to her age. Few of the dragons who came to Westeros ever lived as long as Vhagar  — Vermithor lived until he was about 130 — who was around 180 years old when she died, so she had a lot longer to grow than her smaller cousins.

Ryan J Condal, the House of the Dragon showrunner,  has also been explicit that Vhagar is the biggest dragon in the world. “[Vhagar is] the oldest, largest dragon in the world,” he said in a behind-the-scenes video. “Certainly the largest dragon you’ve seen on Game of Thrones.”

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That’s not to say Vermithor is small by any means. The ancient bronze dragon is the third-largest Targaryen dragon in the fantasy series and is a powerful and fearsome beast. He just won’t get the chance to grow as large as his forebearers, thanks to the Dance of the Dragons.

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