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House of the Dragon: is Drogon bigger than Vhagar?

House of the Dragon: Vhagar is the new standard by which we judge dragons but is she larger than Daenerys Targaryen's biggest child Drogon?

House of the Dragon: is Drogon bigger than Vhagar?

Is Drogon bigger than Vhagar? When it comes to dragons, the Targaryens believe one thing ‘bigger is better.’ It’s hard to argue with this logic. After all, Aegon the Conqueror managed to use Balerion the Black Dread — the largest dragon Westeros has ever seen — to cow the lords of the Seven Kingdoms into serving him.

Of course, Balerion has (and the other dragon from the conquest Meraxes) been dead for decades by the time of House of the Dragon, and there’s a new top lizard in town, the she-dragon Vhagar. This living titan is capable of swallowing smaller dragons whole (ask Arrax, oh wait, you can’t), and she’s the new standard by which we judge all dragons.

But how does Vhagar stack up to the later generation of dragons? Would she tower over Daenerys Tragaryen’s trio of fire-breathing children? Well, Drogon was the largest of the new generation of Targaryen dragons, so let’s do some digging and see whether Drogon is bigger than Vhagar.

Is Drogon bigger than Vhagar?

No, Drogon was smaller than Vhagar. To be honest, it’s not even close either because Vhagar’s size, by the end of her life, was said to rival Balerion the Black Dread, the largest dragon ever to exist.

In a behind-the-scenes video on the official Game of Thrones YouTube channel, visual effects Producer Nikeah Forde explained that Vhagar is 150 meters long. Drogon, by comparison, is estimated to be between 50-60 meters long.

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Even if the estimates of Drogon’s size are wrong, the word from Ryan J Condal, the House of the Dragon showrunner, is that Vhagar is bigger. “[Vhagar is] the oldest, largest dragon in the world, certainly the largest dragon you’ve seen on Game of Thrones,” he explained in a behind-the-scenes video.  “Many times bigger than Drogon was, and Drogon was a huge dragon.”

To be fair to little old Drogon, he was only 8 years old or so when we last saw him, and he was already huge. Vhagar has more than a century to get as big as she was, so Drogon will probably outgrow her one day, or he would if he was real…

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