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How to watch Fresh - can you stream Sebastian Stan’s thriller movie?

Sebastian Stan and Diasy-Edgar Jones star in Fresh, a new thriller movie from Sundance - when can you watch it, and on what streaming service?

How to watch Fresh

How can you watch Fresh? Sebastian Stan, not just happy with being the MCU‘s Winter Soldier, or a member of Motley Crue in TV series Pam and Tommy, has a new thriller movie. This time, however, he’s not quite the hero you might know him as.

In Mimi Cane’s directorial debut, Stan plays Steve, who starts dating Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones). Things are going great, until she goes to spend some time at his place, and discovers he has some bizarre appetites. The initial trailer for the romance movie makes it seem somewhat nightmarish, with her in a drug-induced haze trying to navigate whatever Steve has going on.

We can’t tell you for certain what’s actually happening, and to be honest, we think it’s better kept that way. The film received a resoundingly positive reception at Sundance, and here we are, now it’s the general public’s turn. Sometimes it’s to go in and let the art do the talking. But when can you watch it? Well, we have all the information you need.

Where can I watch Fresh?

If you’re in the US, you can see Fresh on Friday March 4, on streaming service Hulu. Following its premiere at this year’s Sundance festival, Searchlight Pictures picked it up for world distribution.

the first stage in that is the US, where it’ll come out on Hulu. Latin America is getting it via Disney Plus later this year, and unfortunately, we’re still waiting on details for Britain and elsewhere. We’ll keep you updated.

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Can I stream Fresh?

You can, and at no extra cost to your regular subscription. As of Friday, March 4, you can watch Fresh on Hulu in the US. We expect this to the case when it eventually comes over to the UK as well.

The likelihood is Disney Plus. However, with no definitive details, all we can offer is speculation for the time-being. We’ll keep you informed! In the meantime, you can check out our guide to the best Disney Plus movies.