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The Evil Dead Rise Easter eggs you might have missed

The Evil Dead might not be the longest running horror movie franchise, but there's certainly a lot to reference. Here's all the Evil Dead Rise Easter eggs.

Evil Dead Rise Easter Eggs: Alyssa Sutherland as Ellie in Evil Dead Rise

What are all the Evil Dead Rise Easter eggs? Evil Dead Rise is in theatres now, and giving fans of the franchise a whole new messy tale of possession and terror to become obsessed with.

Considering the horror movie franchise has been going strong since the original film was released in 1981, there’s been a lot of lore built up. So, it’s unsurprising that Evil Dead Rise would want to give fans of the series a few little gory treats.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Evil Dead movies, or were simply so distracted by that cheese grater scene to even think about hidden references and tributes, then we’ve got you covered. Here are all the Evil Dead Rise Easter eggs. 

Evil Dead easter eggs: The eyeball scene in Evil Dead II

The Flying Eyeball

The Evil Dead franchise is known for its inventive gore and contribution to the body horror movie genre, so it’s no surprise that there have been a fair few memorable moments of blood and guts. But one of those moments has come full circle in the newest instalment, referencing a moment from Evil Dead II way back in 1987.

In a scene that sees Allyson, who is possessed by Deadites, go on a murderous rampage in the hallway of their building, taking down one unsuspecting neighbour after another, we are treated to the image of a detached eyeball being launched into the mouth of the young teen across the way.

Sound familiar? That’s probably because you’ll remember this exact moment from Evil Dead II, in which Ash’s girlfriend is subjected to the same grisly attack.

Evil Dead easter eggs: Tape player in Evil Dead II

Evil Vinyl

One of the more modern elements of Evil Dead Rise sees the teenager Danny mixing music on his DJ deck, causing music to pound throughout the apartment. When Danny later discovers an underground tomb that contains the Necronomicon, the family also finds themselves in possession of some questionable records.

As Danny plays the dusty vinyls, we find out that they contain some haunting recordings of a priest summoning, then attempting to defeat the same evil spirits that have possessed the family’s mother.

If the idea of an evil recording rings a bell, then you’re probably thinking of Evil Dead II yet again. In the ‘80s movie‘s sequel, Ash comes across some tape recordings of similar eerie material, thus unleashing the evil demons and causing havoc. But this time, those ghastly beats have been upgraded to much trendier vinyl.

Evil Dead easter eggs: Bruce Campbell as Ash in Ash vs Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell

Though the actor doesn’t return in the form of his famous Evil Dead character (who has kept the series afloat since the original in 1981 through to the TV series), he does make a brief appearance somewhere in the film. So, in a sense, Bruce Campbell’s presence is an Easter egg in itself.

At least, that’s what director Lee Cronin says. As for where Campbell is hidden, that’s down to you to try and find out. Happy searching!

Evil Dead easter eggs: the cabin in the woods

Cabin in the Woods

Though Evil Dead Rise does upgrade the locale of the horrific happenings, the film’s opening scene still pays homage to the classic setting of the original movies. We won’t say exactly what happens in this scene, but the opening shot and eerie set design sets up the tone of the film and reminds us exactly what we love about the stereotypical cabin in the woods.

With the exclusion of Army of Darkness (which favoured the Middle Ages to rustic getaways), each of the Evil Dead movies centred around the woodsy setting, so it makes sense that Evil Dead Rise would want to present a throwback to this horror movie go-to.

Evil Dead easter eggs: Lily Sullivan as Beth in Evil Dead Rise

Return of the Chainsaw

Michael Myers has his knives. Jason Voorhees had his hockey mask. Ash might not have been a famed horror movie villain, but he did have his own equally memorable iconography. Most famously? His chainsaw. The weapon of choice when it came down to slicing up some demons, Ash found his beloved chainsaw in The Evil Dead and never quite let go. (Literally… he made it his arm.)

In the new movie, the chainsaws are far and few between, but there is a delightful tribute to Ash’s favourite method of defence when Beth, completely covered in blood, picks up a rusty chainsaw and uses it to completely decimate the Deadites. It’s probably one of the most striking images in the film, and knowing what it’s referencing makes the moment a whole lot sweeter, or bloodier.

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There you have it — all the Evil Dead Rise Easter eggs you might have missed. If you want to know what we thought about the bloody revival, then be sure and check out our Evil Dead Rise review, and get the lowdown on how to watch the new horror movie.

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